Photo Challenge: Anticipation

Dad's 100th Birthday

If you are a Brit and you let the Queen know when you will be celebrating your 100th birthday, then you will anticipate receiving a birthday card from Her Majesty. My family are Brits and it was my dad’s 100th birthday on 24th Sepember 2015. The Queen marked it in her diary, or her was informed by her advisors and my dad received his birthday card from Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom on his birthday. Dad was more interested in who won the english football cup final, than how the of the royal family were facing their daily problems.

However, when he received his birthday card from the Queen on his birthday it was put in a place of honour amongst the other cards. He was sitting in his made to measure comfortable chair, giving an interview to the local newspaper, being one of the oldest citizens in the area, and enjoying the day. It was then I noticed dad picking up the card often and studying the contents constantly. I am sure the Queen does not know who my dad is, and my dad has never met the queen, but on that day the anticipation of receiving a birthday card from the Queen of England was fulfilled. The card was a constant source of interest.

In the following year in June, dad passed away, but not without receiving a birthday card from the Queen. Where is the card now? In my possession with all the other cards he received on that day.

Photo Challenge: Anticipation

13 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Anticipation

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  2. I can imagine how proud and happy he was to get that card. 100 years old!!!! Fantastic, sorry to read that he are no longer with you, but I know he will keep your heart warm forever.

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  3. It’s something special even for someone who is not a monarchist I guess. What I wonder is if the Queen lives to be 100, not impossible as they are a long-lived family; who is going to send HER a birthday card?

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    • I do not think the royal family go in for birthday cards, they are more into titles and honours and inheritances. The queen will definitely live to 100 if not more. She does not have to depend on the British National Health Service.

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