Daily Prompt: A maddening thing happened today

Parking Langendorf

Let’s set the scene. Mrs. Angloswiss and Mr. Swiss saddled up their car to go shopping on Friday morning. They were not late, because golden oldies are never late. They have no important appointments, nothing that has to be urgently dealt with, but they still have to eat, thus food must be bought. When they eventually arrived in the supermarket hall of shopping they saw it was already 10.45 a.m. which was half an hour later than usual, but what difference does half an hour mean? Today they were unprepared, had no idea what to cook and when, but in the wise words of Mr. Swiss “we will find something”.

Mrs. Angloswiss was a little unsure about this something. On Friday evening she would be alone with No. 1 son as Mr. Swiss would be attending a musical rehearsal reunion with members of his jazz group which meant that Mrs. Angloswiss would have a peaceful evening to herself, the advantage being that everyone looks after themself for food. She had already decided to make the most of the occasion and prepare a sandwich, which she could eat at leisure in her office/computer room with no frim fram on the side. Saturday evening No. 1 son would not be at home for food, he had something more important to attend, like a local concert of hard rock – or something in that line.

Gradually other ideas came and 30 minutes later the shopping trolley was full and the credit cards were emptying. As the happy couple were leaving the supermarket Mrs. Angloswiss had to make a stop. She had filled her card with stamps and could choose her fourth Teddy Bear from the Christmas campaign. Even at the age of 70, you enjoy the simple things in life. Derby and Joan (a brit expression for elderly golden oldie couples) could now leave the temple of buying with a clear conscience. They would not starve over the week-end, they had a fourth teddy bear, and on the way out Mrs. Angloswiss even had time to stop off at the gardening department to buy an amaryllis, and take a few photos of plants for her blogging challenges.

They soon resaddled their car, and Mr. Swiss drove off, Mrs. Angloswiss unpacked her camera to take a few photos on the way. After a few seconds they came to an abrupt stop, because the car in front had also stopped. They soon realised that the complete line of cars wanting to leave the parking lots had stopped, a complete standstill. Mrs. Angloswiss wanted to take a photo, but it was not a good moment. There was not a clear view and the people in the car in front may have got a little annoyed. The photo shows how it should have been, now imagine cars bumper to bumper up to the end of this parking outlet.

The culprit was a truck, a lorry, a gigantic monster of the road with trailer that was endeavouring to enter the goods parking lot at the end of this path. His front part was facing our front parts, because he wanted to back in. First of all he had to drive towards us before reversing. When he reversed, he was blocking our exit, and he had to repeat this exercise for at least 10 minutes and we were still waiting. We had an escape chance, but this was also blocked in the meanwhile by a car that was kissing our bumper almost – there was no escape. Suddenly a rescuer arrived on the scene. He guided the car behind us out of this predicament, leaving the way free for us to turn and escape. Afterwards it was easy peasy, although we were driving in the wrong direction on a one way lane, but who cares, we could escape.

Time was now very tight as we only arrived home at 11.50, which more or less gave me 10 mintues to cook a full lunch for three people.  As said, we golden oldies have no time tables. It makes really no difference if you eat lunch at 12.00, 1.00 or 2.00, the main thing is you eat. Lunch was served at 12.30 – it was fish and chips and I had routine in fish and chips being a Brit. I decided to relinquish my after dinner tea, but still had time for some nice chocolate specialities that Mr. Swiss had purchased for me in a chocolate shop.

Eventually I managed to sink into oblivion for a golden oldie after dinner sleep and was on time.

Daily Prompt: A maddening thing happened today

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A maddening thing happened today

    • Fish and Chips is no big deal.Just fried fish and French fries. I take my Nikon D3000 camera with me wherever I go and I also have my mobile phone camera. I snap stuff everywhere. I am the lady with the camera (and the walking stick to make sure I do not lose my balance).

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