Macro Moments Challenge: Week 22

Bromelia 11.12 (3)

Living in Switzerland in Winter you do not get the interesting insects or flowers to macronify, so you make do with what you have, and I have not had very much lately.

However my bromelia is doing some strange things at the moment. It was a nomal bromelia with a large orange coloured spear in the middle when I bought it. It is now 8 months, and things have happend. The orange spear dried out gradually, becoming brown and at the base of the spear in between the leaves,  four new miniature bromelias began to grow, no orange spears up to now, just  the first leaves.

I decided to leave the bromelia to do what it does, and part of the dried spear leaves decided to spring open. Probably they were some sort of seed pod, and this is the result on the photo. It has some fluffy bits inside and so I tackeled it with my macro lens.

Photo taken by my Nikon D7000 105mm f/2.8

at least I think so, just read it all from my Flickr photo programme.

I do have a macro lens, but am too lazy to use a tripod, so I have to hope for a steady hand.

Macro Moments Challenge: Week 22

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