Good Morning

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 14.12 (8)

And the foggy days persist. I even brushed this photo up otherwise you would hardly see anything. The animal in the background is a llama, not a normal Swiss farm animal, but there are a group of llamas stationed on this ground which belongs to one of our hospitals. The llamas are used for trecking excursions that you can partake in, in the local mountains. Not a bad idea, but not my sort of thing. I see them everytime we travel to the supermarket in a nearbye village.

Otherwise things continue as always. Today is bed linen change day, but Mr. Swiss takes care of most of the manual work. I just help by removing the sheets from my bed. Although a few years older than me, he seems to be more able to do such work. I suppose I could do it, but it would take twice as long as I no longer have the energy.

I noticed that WordPress have “improved” their reader, although whether it is an improvement or not I am still not sure. Some of you may not use the reader, but for me it is a way to discover what the others are doing and events to partake in. I am followed by many, but I also follow others. I may get an e-mail in my box to let me know what is going on in the big WordPress blogger world, but it is easier in the morning, whilst still in bed, to go throw the latest news on my iPad in the reader.

WordPress decided to save us time and have compressed the various articles in the reader for quicker and better reading. This is all very well. Instead of a long excerpt complete with a fully sized first photo, I now get a small stripe with a few words and all the photos in a row. I have become careful with criticism, because at the end of the road, no-one listens in any case. I can handle this new concise quick system, after all I am a golden cyber oldie. On the other hand, I do not want to be faster. When I switch into the reader I have been getting the various new blogs one after the other with a nice oversight of the main details. Now I get it crumpled into a smaller space with almost no text, but all the illustrations in a bigger size. I am also told it will be much easier for my telephone app.

Yes, well although I have the telephone app, I rarely use it. The print is too small and writing contributions on a mobile phone are almost impossible, especially if your do not have small active fingers. For this reason I basically never use the telephonr app. I look in on the iPad and computer. I used to like the old system where the spaces devoted to each colleague were easy reading. I am not quicker with this new economomic size, probably it takes more time for my 70 year old eyes to be able to concentrate.

As said, what is the point of saying anything. When I look at the notification about this new and wonderful arrangement by WordPress, I am confronted by remarks from users full of praise and enthusiasm. I decided I am no longer suited to this world, where everything is improved to make it faster and more efficient. I am just a slow moving golden oldie, that takes things one at a time, but as said, who am I to complain. I think I will have to make an appointment at the optician for eye glasses with a larger magnification to facilitate reading of this new and wonderful Reader app on WordPress.

And now to rest my eyes and neglect the computer until this afternoon, however I will be receiving short messages on my telephone throughout the day, keeping me in touch with WordPress developments, who needs an app?

Will be back later, must go, a vaccum cleaner and mop are awaiting me.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 14.12 (1)

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning! I have yet to access the new WordPress Reader, but have heard about it. Interesting comments you make, I’m the same, why bother change something if people are happy with it?

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  2. I read through my email but I have read several comments about the new Reader. You are not alone, Mrs AngloSwiss…the comments were not favorable to WP. Where is Wordy when we need him?!

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  3. I’ve already had my say on this any number of time and places. NO ONE can really blog using a phone. Maybe you can scan to see what’s there, but you can’t write on a phone. I don’t care how young you are. It’s too small and you can’t see what you are doing. I do not know anyone who actually blogs from the phone. i do know some people that read on it, but no one write or processes pictures on a phone and almost as rarely, from a tablet. You need some power, a hard drive, and physical real estate to make a blog that’s readable. But wordpress has decided that we are all using our phones and they are not interested in hearing anything else. So I don’t bother saying anything anymore. I do it my way — on a computer — and use the old version of the dashboard which, fortunately, is still available. when finally, it gets to be too difficult or they decide I’m not allowed to have the old dashboard, i’ll quit. As it is, I hate the way they have made it much more difficult to adjust the size and font of headings, etc. Since these are features for which I pay, I think it would have been the courteous thing to consider that making what we pay for less usable might come into consideration, but nope.

    I’ll blog as long as I’m still enjoying it … but if it gets too annoying, i’ll fade away. I’ve noticed a lot of fading away over the last year. A lot of people i used to see around seem to have given up.

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    • When I watch my No. 2 son on his mobile phone texting, it is amazing. He does it in express speed, at least for me, but he grew up with it. He needs his phone for work a lot.He does not blog, just texts. He is now over 40 years old, and probably has his 10th mobile phone. every time he visits he seems to have another one. One reassuring fact is that he also puts his shopping list on it like his mum. I think think the younger bloggers probably use them more. It is their third arm and hand. I now and again make a comment with my iPad if I am sitting in a comfortable chair in the evening away from my computer. I do have rules for my computer in a way. From 7.30-9.00 a.m. and from 3.15-6.30 with a pause in between for evening meal, and afterwards until eightish in the evening. They the comuter is unplugged and put on the shelf until morning. I get telephone signals if anyone has said something, and can see it on my iPad, but I can leave it – no problem.
      I have been using the new version of the dashboard for at least a year. I have got used to it and it does everything I need. Pasting photos where I want them and texting is no problem. I even now prefer it to the old version, whether on apple or Microsoft.
      I think I blog for the plain reason that I enjoy it. I will never understand why some of my writings get more looks or comments than others. I cross post on my own place in Facebook and the articles I write have completely different statistics to those on WordPress.
      I do not know how long I will continue, but the future is always something unknown. At least I do not have to walk to blog and can sit, although rising afterwards is also problematic.


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