Daily Prompt: The Folly of a Computer

Help! I am confused, but I am sure it must be me, no longer understanding the computer world. The Prompt word of the day is “folly”. To make sure of the meaning of the word I had a look in the Webster dictionary. Not a Brit dictionary but a genuine all American dictionary, the one that WordPress certainly refer to in their prompt suggestions. It says “lack of good sense or normal prudence and foresight” which was a thought that passed through my 70 year old golden oldie brain when I first saw the new look of the Reader. I made a few negative comments on my “Good Morning” blog, have received a few comments from a few of my followers. Now it is afternoon and I am ready to blog – about “folly”. I switch on my Apple computer and this is the Reader page I see


The photo shows my Good Morning blog as it always looks: clear, large enough to read and a very good reproduction contining the first three lines of my written words. Was I seeing things this morning on my iPad from my horizontal position  in bed. This is my Apple computer and my Word app is showing the normal reader as if nothing had happened.

I decided to do a double check. Yes I am a golden cyber oldie and have the best of both worls, so I connected my Microsoft computer and this is the same place in the Reader on my Microsoft screen-


Do you notice something? Yes, my faithful colleagues of the WordPress legion, it is the new look. My Good Morning blog is now squeezed into a top line and there is enough room to even show the next blog in the row. Everything is now the new economy size. Photos are the big sensation, all photos are shown in tbe same size and the text has shrunk, been compressed into a mere two first lines. I need new eye glasses to be able to read it, but everything is there in the new look.

This is my folly of the day. I really did not want to complain, because through cyber experience, I have realised that the gods of computers will do as they deem to be the right thing and no matter what I say, it will be ignored and cast into an eternal cyber garbage can.

What surprises me is that my Apple computer still has the good old fasioned king sized version, where I do not have to put my nose on the screen to be able to read all about it.

I decided to make further investigations. and I find a posting from WordPress.com Blog telling us all about this new look. It is followed by various remarks from people like us, singing the praises of this new look with many remarks such as “Love it”, “Great Additions” and “Awesome”. Strange that remarks were made on my Good Morning blog complaining and they do not appear on this list of praise.

And me? My first thought was to ignore this new idea and to keep quiet about it, not wanting to be a spoilsport for all those enthusiastic people. I really do not want to gain a reputation of being a “computer grinch”, now do I? What I do not understand, pardon my ignorance, is that my Apple computer still has the good old system, for which I am thankful, but my iPad and telephone now have the new system, although it is the same Apple based company. I did read somewhere that this has naturally all been develped with the mobile telephone users in mind, you know those that can no longer eat, sleep or breathe without texting on their mobile phones.  Personally I have problems texting blogs on my mini keyboard on the telephone and prefer a king sized computer. How stupid I must be.

Forget it, just a stupid grey-haired computer golden oldie with nothing better to do. I should really stick to my knitting and crossword puzzles. It is safer and I do not run the risk of having a fried brain by all these online “follies” I seem to be encounting lately – or is it “folleys”- we learn someting every day.

Daily Prompt: The Folly of a Computer

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Folly of a Computer

  1. That certainly is a folly! I wonder if they are updating the Reader in small chunks, and will get to your Apple computer last? Now that I have looked at the Reader, I’m thinking it is not too bad. I guess we get used to everything in the end!

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    • I can get used to it, since my first computer, I have got used to a lot and I can complain as much as I want, but nothing is going to change. It is all in the name of business, There are constant changes. computers are computers and I have a feeling that the apple computer app will not be changed, otherwise it would already be active as iPad and iPhone are apple products and share the software. I am now reaping the beneft having an Apple computer as well as a Microsoft.


  2. Another blogger I follow, whose main focus is photography, wrote a post complaining about the new reader. My phone looks the same (Android), but my laptop (Windows) shows the new formatting. Personally, I open all posts, so it makes no difference to me how things appear in the reader. I do sometimes read other people’s blogs and comment from my phone, but I prefer my laptop. I never write posts from my phone. Never say never.

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    • I have not even looked at my phone, because I never use it for posting on WordPress. My iPad does the job just as well, but on the iPad I am getting the new reader. The reader was always a bit unstable on the iPad. I did not really want to complain, but the theme of today’s post fitted so well. I use the reader because it is easier to see at one glance what goes on. being in Europe, it all happens while I am sleeping and I can find everything much quicker. I get an average iof iver 100 mails a day, and so the Reader simplifies it much better. I actually made a resolution to stop complaining, because there is no real point. The giants do what they want in any case, all in the name of profit.

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      • Yes, they do. And, yes, fitting for the prompt. My WP is free, so I am not going to complain. And, as I have been using the Reader this morning, I sort of like it. My husband has an iPad and iPhone, but I already know Windows, so I stick with it.

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  3. This is actually the “Press It” format, too. I always redo it before I use it because i hate the way it looks. It looks closer to normal when you open it, after you click it. I hate the reader and refuse to use it. The only time I go there is to adjust how often I get posts from the blogs I follow. Otherwise, I get email notifications and do my best to get to everyone’s posts … sometimes successfully, often not. But I don’t like the reader and each time they “fix it” I like it less.

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    • I did not mind the reaser up to now. It gives me a good idea of what is being written by those that I follow and I tend to find everything better. Plain e-mails are a risky business with me as I get so many and would probably overlook them. I get them in Apple as well as Microsoft, but usually look on my iPad. I do not like this new reader and this morning I discovered that WP are actually bothering to answer peoples remarks and that they have let in a few negative comments, which are mostly from photographers. I have not yet have recommendations forced onto me in the reader, but they did mention it is mainly the new members, the innocents.


  4. Girl! Are you nuts? I’m also seventy (70). YOU are going great, just be patience. You have a great attitude for learning like I do. Some say I’m nosy (probably) BUT I want to learn. And GIRL that’s what keeps us going. I knit in the evening. FYI creating on the computer is just like knitting a scarf, fingerless gloves or some crazy concoction you created. Keep it up! Don’t forget WordPress also has their online classes and of course “help”.
    When it comes to dictionaries I use dictionary.com, Google (folly definition), don’t forget to check “Thesaurus” & of course Merriam-Webster. I’m now going to “folly” along and do my post. ☺😎😏🏄🎈

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    • I often have problems writing in english. I am a Brit but have lived in Switzerland for the past 50 years. I talk Swiss German dialect all day, even with my family, and am a bit out of practice with english words. Often when I write I can only think of the german word, so I always have my online language dictionary, known as LEO on the computer to find the correct english word. Otherwise I used Webster because I know most of the people in WordPress are in the States and they often have other expressions as the British do. I seemed to have stopped knitting when I began to blog, must be a connection somewhere, but I never ever wear a pullover. I do not like wearing knitted goods, prefer something short sleeved with a light jacket. There are no kids to knit for in the family up to now and Mr.Swiss is also not the pullover kind.

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      • Glad to meet you! I just started knitting this year so my knitting is scarves, hats, fingerless gloves, blankets. Mostly I give them away to friends or people who say “hey I like it”. I’m not a pullover person either, it makes me feel like I am choking at the neck. Keep up the great work with your blogging. You are doing fine. I know holidays are a little different all over the world. May I wish you & your family Happy, Healthy, & Safe Holidays!!!! I’m located in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
        Keep in touch. 🎄🏂☃🎅

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