Good Morning

Crow 10.12 (7)

Mr. Swiss finds I am spoiling our birds, especially the crows. They help themselves in any case, and others  have no chance. There is one monster crow, the biggest of the pack, and he seems to organise the others. He is always first. The crow in the photo is one of the pack and not the chief. They pile about 3-4 pieces of bread in their beaks and afterwards fly off with it. I do not know if they put some of it away for later or eat it all in a quiet place on their own.

This morning I had problems when eating breakfast at the computer. Instead of taking the mouse for the computer I found I had a piece of bread an jam in my hand – the problems of becoming a golden oldie.

I have had a brilliant idea, probably, because I have nothing better to do with my time. I will now make a Christmas food shopping list on my mobile phone of things I have to buy. There is some stuff I can already get, as it will keep well until Christmas. There will also be stuff for the last days, but I have a devious plan.What I buy already will remain on the list, but crossed through, still visible to stop me buying it a second time and eventually I only have the remainders to buy in the last couple of days. I just have to find the text applicaton on my phone for crossing things through. By the way I read somewhere that the Whatsapp application will no longer be available for certain mobile phones. I had it once as No. 2 son cannot live without it and found I should have it as well, although I was surviving quite well without it. I soon discovered that I did not really need it, as I already had a messenger on the phone from my telephone network and cancelled it, so I will not miss it.

This year we will also have room in the fridge, as we now have a second fridge in my laundry room. I had to have room for my medicine which arrives in a monthly supply of  15 disposable injections and I do no have room for that in my kitchen. However the second fridge has a lot of spare room, so I can now store my Christmas food in it until the day arrives. You would think it will be the feeding of the five thousand, but it is only Mr. Swiss, my No. 1 son and me. What some guy managed with just a couple of fish and a loaf of bread does not work for me. I already have a frozen loaf of bread for emergencies in my second fridge. I am not even a Christmas person, but I still have to eat over the holidays.

We decided on filet of beef for the Christmas evening, which is a very expensive and a tender piece of meat. However, I had this for my birthday lunch at home and  two days later it was on the menu for my evening birthday dinner at a restaurant. You can sometimes have too much of a good thing, but all you have to do it fry/sear it quickly in the pan and make a good sauce with it, or herb butter. I am more for the herb butter. I still have some surviving sage in the garden.

And now to cleanse the apparment, cleanse me and escape. I have an appointment with the local supermarket.

Have fun, check your fridge that you do not starve – see you around.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 12.12 (2)

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