One Word Photo Challenge: Dog

English Bull Dog

I do not have dog, have never had a dog, but three cats, so I suppose to compensate I take photos of dogs whever I see them and each photo has a little story behind it. Mr. Swiss had to pick our car up from the garage after the annual service, and the garage was now on the outskirts of town in another village. He deposited me in a street cafe to wait and after I had finished my drink I took a walk through the village. I was walking across a bridge over the River Emme, whe I met a man with his dog.Now if you see a dog like this you must take a photo. It is a British bulldog, a real genuine one with family tree and everything.Yes I had a very interesting conversation with the dog’s owner.

Special dog

As said, I have many interesting pictures of dogs, some sweet,some pretty and some probably knowing who their ancestors were, all on a document of course to prove it, but this dog has a special mention. He was accompanying a young lady in the supermarket who obviously had a sight handicap. She could see, but had to hold everything very close to read the prices and so the dog waited patiently  until she was finished. I had never seen a blind dog in action and so I asked the lady if she would mind if I took a photo of the dog. She was very nice and said of course. This dog deserves a medal and has a special place here under the simple heading “Dog”.

One Word Photo Challenge: Dog

12 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Dog

        • A good colleague of mine had polio as a child and is in a wheelchair, but she is a very active person. Has her own special car and made holidays to Russia. I met her at my Russian classes. She has a specially trained dog for handicapped people. The dog has been trained to pick things up she might drop and otherwise help in the household. She had to go to the french part of Switzerland for two weeks to partake in the training of her dog, and so the dog only understands instructions in French, but nevertheless it is a good dog and a perfect help.

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  1. I think most dogs deserve a medal, but of course each would only give it away to their owner, or to some nice kid, or even to the cat, if he thought it might break the ice (again)!

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    • Most probably. I have no real experience of having a dog. My mum would not allow it and we only had a cat. The only dog I really got to know was my friend’s dog in England when I stayed with her. She adopted him from the national dog’s home in London. He was found with two other dogs tied to a park bench in a London park. Some people are so selfish.

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    • I have a cat, the last of three I had together. She is now 14 years old, but fit and active still. I am now 70 and although I love animals, I am now too old to have something new. It would not be fair on the animal. However, I love dogs and share the love that others have for them.


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