Flower of the Day: 11.12.2016 Poinsettia


This is my poinsettia from 2009, I found the photo in my archives. I have a poinsettia every year and hope to be able to keep it throughout the year, but I am not always lucky. This year’s poinsettia had already began to lose some leaves, until I realised why. I was really looking after it, spraying it with water daily, but it was in the kitchen and we often have the kitchen window door open during the day. Pointsettia do not like draghts. I have now shifted it to the living room and it seems to be recovering.

Flower of the Day: 11.12.2016 Poinsettia

6 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 11.12.2016 Poinsettia

  1. In other houses, I’ve been able to keep poinsettias alive (but not necessarily blooming) for years, but this house doesn’t have the right light. The only things that seem to thrive here are shade-loving plants — and Christmas cactus. I think I’ll save the money this year, because last year, they died in a matter of days … didn’t even get a whole week.

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    • Poinsettia definitely do not like draughts. If they survive through the winter, it is a good idea to put them outside when the warmer weather arrives, the begin to sprout and grow. Whether they make it through the summer for the net Winter indoors is another problem. My Christmas cactus is ok, but not doing very much. I will have to have a talk with it.


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