Flower of the Day: 11.12.2016 Poinsettia


This is my poinsettia from 2009, I found the photo in my archives. I have a poinsettia every year and hope to be able to keep it throughout the year, but I am not always lucky. This year’s poinsettia had already began to lose some leaves, until I realised why. I was really looking after it, spraying it with water daily, but it was in the kitchen and we often have the kitchen window door open during the day. Pointsettia do not like draghts. I have now shifted it to the living room and it seems to be recovering.

Flower of the Day: 11.12.2016 Poinsettia

Daily Prompt: Magical Mystical – Bromelia


In the beginning there was a nomal every day bromelia. We always had an orchid on the kitchen table. They were reasonable in price, did not need intensive care, just a weekly bath and they were happy. Why buy expensive cut flowers, bouquets, when your new orchid every 2-3 months suffices. One day Mr. Swiss and I, to be quite honest it was Mr. Swiss,  decided “let’s do something completely different”. The last orchid cast away its last flower and it was time for a new thing on the kitchen table. We visited the local store and had a very detailed conversation on the new choice, but eventually decided on a bromelia – that is, Mr. Swiss decided on a bromelia and I agreed.

It was something completely different and I soon discovered very  low mantenance. Just fill it up with water at the beginnings of the leaves, no need for pouring it into the earth in the pot. What could be better? And so our bromelia sat on the kitchen table looking good and developing. I noticed some strange yellow appearances between the orange leaves and assumed this is how a bromelia produces flowers within flowers.

Bromelia 03.07 (1)

I took some close-ups of these strange new growths between the orange leaves at the center of the plant.Were they breathing?  It was my first bromelia and I was slowly learning all about it. As time passed these wonderful fresh looking flower lookalikes became brown, but they were still the center of attraction. A passing grasshopper decided to hop over and make a closer examination. It was now summer and the bromelia had been shifted outside to the deck/patio/porch or whatever you call it.

Grasshopper on Bromelia 23.08 (6)

The grasshopper found my bromelia to be an ideal exercising place and tried all sorts of stretching exercises for his legs. As my broelia made no attempt to devour it, I decided to just let him enjoy it.
Bromelia 20.09 (6)As time passed I discovered a new mystical development on my bromelia. I was still giving its weekly drink of water at the base of the leaves, when I realised that my bromelia had given birth to a baby. There was no big fuss, it did not seem to have birthing pains. My bromelia was pregnant and said nothing and one day new life was growng. As it was my first bromelia I had no idea of these mystical developments. I had become a bromelia godmother and not realised it.


I took this photo just a few minutes ago. The baby is growing, it is triplets. I have three of these new growths between the base leaves of my bromelia. I have discovered bromelias have an interesting secret life. Are they perhaps a relation of the Triffid?. I have the flame thrower ready for any complications (thanks for the tip Marilyn, my blogging buddy). I am not so sure about this bromelia, is it magical, mystical or just malicious Yesterday I discovered a new development. The original orange coloured centre has now dehydrated, become an uninteresting beige-grey  and more or less dried-up. Having an interest in unexplained apparitions I was keeping a close eye on new developments and have discovered that even dried up, dehydrated, centre pieces still have life in them.


One of the dried-up pods in the middle has burst open: silently I would add, no explosion. It seems to be growing a fur lining, is it perhaps a triffid all the same? I am keeping an eye on this bromelia. In the meanwhile it is again living on the kitchen table. It was in the living room but I noticed my cat, Tabby, would make a large circle around it and now and again would growl and hiss as she was passing by.

I have decided to keep this bromelia, curiosity killed the cat (as Tabby seems to think) and so I will keep it under observation. Come to think of it, orchids are much more well-behaved with no unexpected surprises and the flowers just drop off when they are finished. Bromelia flowers seem to experience a metamorphosis. Perhaps it is a genetic variation of a mandrake.  I will keep you posted.

Daily Prompt: Magical Mystical – Bromelia

Good Morning

Not such a good morning. Since yesterday evening I have been having problems with viewing my blogs and viewing those of others. This means that I cannot make the comments or likes I want to make. As my computer is functioning perfectly otherwise, I can only deduce that this is a WordPress problem. WordPress is constantly telling me that the site is not responding and I should check this, that and the other, but to no avail. I can post my blogs and I can read other blogs on the Reader. I can also post comments on the reader, but not get to the various sites. Funny thing is that it works perfectly on my iPad, so whats up doc/WordPress. I can only hope that they are having a temporary problem which they will cure at some time. And now to the daily business.

Christmas 2016 (2)

Yesterday morning Mr. Swiss decided to go shopping. It was Saturday and I was safe at home organising our week-end life. There were a few odds and ends to purchase and so he made his way to the supermarket – see photo of entrance. We are now 2 weeks away from Christmas, you know the time of goodwill towards men and also the time to buy, buy, buy that nothing is forgotten. The stores are there to help us on this quest, which is probably why they are already wishing us a happy Christmas at the end of October.

So, Mr. Swiss arrives at the supermarket parking lot and already he has the first problem. There are no parking places free. At the entrance he sees an illumated screen showing how many places are currently free. There is a large “0” for the the top floor and the bottom floor, so he waits behind the line of cars already waiting for the next free space. As he crawls along he hits pay dirt. A man approaches his car with his wife, with a full supermarket trolley, and they will be departing. So what do you do? You wait until they have finished piling their shopping in the car and leave them enough space to drive away, so that you can take their empty parking lot. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss had about 10 cars behind him which could no longer drive on because he was blocking their path. That’s life and he was not going to ignore the chance in a million of finding a place to park the car.

He then made his way to the supermarket which was packed full of jolly shoppers. As it was Saturday they had naturally made a family excursion of it all, and brought the kids and the grandparents. Luckily there is a place outside for dogs. Things were tough in the supermarket. We really only needed some chicken, which we had forgotten and bread, we do not ask for too much. Eventually Mr. Swsiss arrived at the cash desk to pay. Here again he was confronted with a queue of people where you could not see where it began. After another 30 minutes he arrived at his target, the cash desk. Unfortunately the person in front was shopping for others, and naturally paid for each neighbour or relative separately, but using dividers for the various sections of goods she was buying for the family, neighbours and herself.

Success, he had fought his way through this pandemonmium and returned to pick up the car. A lady at the wheel of her car who had been searching for a free parking place, saw Mr. Swiss and waited patiently for him to drive away. In the meanwhile this young lady was also causing a traffic jam, just like Mr. Swiss did when he arrived. Oh happy days, Merry Christmas everyone, and is this really the meaning of the season. Ok, I am not a Christmas person, but you are forced to do it for the others, if you have any others. Luckily my others are diminishing every year and it is now me and Mr, Swiss and No. 1 son. No. 2 son now has his own family to look after.

Mr. Swiss asked me yesterday when I stopped believing. I think it was when I began to think for myself. I am a logical person, do not really want to have a theological discussion here, but seeing this Christmas carnival year for year I ask what is there to believe. A shopping spree, piles of presents for everyone and one big stress to go with it. Mr. Swiss is no longer a youngster, but he is fit. However when he arrived home yesterday, I think he was approaching a Chrismas nervous breakdown.

I just had to get rid of that.

Today is Sunday, a day of rest, although I just had a look at the opening times of our local supermarket on Internet. I was curious to know something and yes, it was confirmed. Today is Christmas shopping in the supermarket as an exception. Otherwise we do not have Sunday shopping in the stores in Switzerland. Thank goodness, if Mr. Swiss has forgotten something he can buy it today. We will never learn. Gone are the days of Charles Dickens, and the days of A Christmas Carol.

And now I am moving on. I have nothing special to do today. Just cook and eat, a little bit of ironing and a little bit of clearning.

By the way this is not my Christmas Tree, I do not have one yet, must take a look in the cellar I might find it. This is the Christmas tree indoors in the supermarket.

Christmas Tree