Photo Challenge: New Horizon


When you become a golden oldie, new horizons become a thing of the past. You have reached all the new horizons and the only one left is the ultimate, so enjoy it how you can make the most of it. The main problem with oncoming age is a disability to do things you want to and going places and seeing things to do it. I am one of those that no longer can hop around like a spring lamb and make great plans. I am restricted in movement to a certain degree, but can still manage a walk. My cameras are my gateways to freedom. I can take photos of what I see: either my camera is in my bag or hanging on my shoulder.

How do you take a photo when you need a cane to walk with? – easy. Just hang the cane on the opening of your jacket and take the photo and walk on with your cane in the hand as if nothing had happened. Cameras are my horizon, not new, but newly discovered as a compensation. Without my camera life would be boring. An action photo of a bird, a closeup of a flower, and a view across the local river say it all for me. They are my horizons.

Photo Challenge: New Horizon

7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: New Horizon

  1. Everyone is just posting seascapes and sunrises and sunsets because this is one of those prompts that requires more though than most people want to bother with. I’ve been thinking about whether or not to post a real picture of my hopes for the new year … like better customer service and someone to fix my front door. But they don’t make very interesting photographs. Oh well 🙂

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    • I cannot talk with fun about new horizons when I am happy to have reached my horizons. I am now really taking things a step at a time and it is only thanks to the medication that I know I can do something about it. A camera is my key to the future. Every photo is a new obstacle that I have succeeded it taking and I am satisfied. I do not know what WordPress actually want from us for this prompt, but I definitely cannot do the happy go lucky trip, I had to think about it.


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  3. It’s kind of hard to photograph the future, even when your young, and especially as you age and the horizons get smaller and smaller. Great response for those of us that are increasingly less mobile – as for me I’m looking forward to my afternoon nap!

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    • I only began with the afternoon naps after lunch when I got retired, and now I could not be without them. I just have to make sure that I wake up It is soooo comfortable hugging the bed after lunch. Less mobility is a motto accompanying the days as you get older and less active.


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