Good Morning

Foggy Morning

It is a dim view from the patio this morning. The only illuminations are the street lamp in the distance and the neighbours Christmas tree on her porch, otherwise we are shrouded in mist from the local River Aar which flows at the botom of the path. It can only get better.

First of all I would like to thank my husband, my sons and….. no, that is the wrong speech. The one I wrote for my Pulitzer prize for blogger of the year – you never know. Here is the real one.

I would like to thank all of you that congratulated me to my 70th birthday yesterday on my various bloggy writings. I was overwhelmed. We do not know each other personally and probably never will, unless someone passes through Switzerland one day, but I see you all regularly with your icons on my blogs and treasure this very much. I remember my first days on WordPress, where I got perhaps 2-3 views per day on an entry, and a general statistic of perhaps 5 looks, if I was lucky. I was patient and it grew and on the way I met so many other bloggers that I can now only thankyou all for your patience with me and my often ironic remarks.  Mr. Swiss tells me now and again that not everyone understands my (weird?) sense of humour. Mr. Swiss is my supporting actor and consigliere in my blog episodes, although he only reads the finished product when I it already uploaded and has time. I also have a tabby cat, but I gave her her own place on WordPress, as she was trying to take over my blog.

So my Oscar speech is now finished. and I hope to hold another one in 10 years, no forget that, make it 5 years, I should really learn to overcome one obstacle after the other and give myself time to do it. There is no rush, many blogs will flow over the famous daily prompt grid in the meanwhile.

Now back to normal life, organising a trip to the supermarket and keeping an eye on the blogger world. I have noticed lately that our daily prompt grid is being infiltrated with spammers, posting the same thing over and over again, full of sneaky advertising. No big problem, I can avoid them which I do, but will they never learn? Even Donald Trump seems to have problems in this connection. I believe he even made a Tweet about it. I also tweet, prerhaps I could make a connection somewhere, although my tweets are usually just reposings of my WordPress efforts. I have not yet found Donald Trump in WordPress, so he is missing out on a lot. He could become one of my followers and I would naturally also follow him. That would be fun.

And now to the real world, where you meet real people. I have already fed the real   birds and will now plug in my real vacuum cleaner to do some realistic cleaning. If only we could do that per WordPress on a blog, it would save so much time and bother.

I do not know how your days are planned, but I am sure we will meet again, at least when I say Good Morning tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Glad you had such a wonderful birthday, Pat. Great photo for the morning.

    Please don’t encourage Trump to find any other Internet outlets. He spouts off too much as it is. On this side of the pond, we’d like to miss him more.

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  2. Our day is ending as yours is beginning. We’ve had two VERY busy days in a row and I think I’m coming down with a cold. Ugh. So I’m planning to do as close to absolutely NOTHING as I can for the next few, I’m glad you had a good birthday and I’m glad you are there, even if we never meet in person.

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    • We are no longer very good at busy days. Today the complete family go out in the evening for a meal for my birthday. I said no way am I cooking for my birthday and so it will be a restaurant in town. I am looking forward to it, but you tend to get lazy as you get older. We have a long awaiting visit to make to my youngest son in Schaffhausen, but by train – it is only really 2 hours journey and now big problem. Perhaps it might happen between Christmas and New Year.
      We will probably never meet in person, but wouldn’t it be wonderful. I am sure we would never run out of conversation.


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