Good Morning

Christmas Lights 04.12 (2)

Looking out in the early morning when preparing my breakfast and the bird’s breakfast I see the Chrismas decorations from one of the neighbours balconies. Of couse I took a photo – the wonders of a 300 zoom lens. Although I do not really do Christmas and avoid what I can, I have discovered that the Christmas lights and decorations are really something for my camera. I can also see three crows and a magpie disussing about who gets the first pickings on the breakfast table laid out on the grass. A blackbird is waiting in the wings, she is too timid to interrupt and will wait until the big birds fly off with their bread luggage in their beaks.

All it now needs is a sprinklingof snow to make it perfect. On the other hand the snow can wait until we have completed the shopping. I was hugging my bed again too much this morning and again awoken by various alarms and Mr. Swiss with the vacuum cleaner.

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday. I was thinking about a walk in the afternoon, the sun even arrived. However, there was a cold nip in the air and I decided to stay at home. There is nothing new to photograph so I did a few mcros of my indoor flowers. Unfortunately Macro needs a steady hand, because I cannot be bothered to use my tripod, so most of the photos arrive in the garbage bin on my computer.

Yesterday I watched a TV film for a change. The Secret about the double murders of Colin Howell, killing his own wife and the husband of his girlfriend, so that they could be together- in 1991.  It was based on a true story taking place in Northern Ireland. As a true story it was really stuff for a TV film. The murders were undiscovered for 10 years, being considered as a double suicide, as the bodies were both deposited in a car and they were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in an case. They werevery cold blooded murders. In the meanwhile Colin Howell had remarried as well as his lover of the time, but both other people. It is not very often I put my book on one side to see a TV film, but this was really stuff that was fascinating, at least for me. I can really recommend this film and the complete true story. At the moment the murder couple are both serving life sentences in prison since a couple of years.

And now to something completely different, I have things to do and places to go and probably a few blogs to write.

Some Christmas garden lights from my next door neighbour.

Front Garden 01.12 (6)

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