Good Morning

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 02.12 (1)

Another frosty morning, but still no snow. Actually I almost did not make it. No, silly me, I do not have places to go or important things to do, it is all in the mind. At 6.00 I was awake as I took a glance at my iPhone next to the bed. It always shows me the time if I press the button. As silence reigned from everywhere I decided to just plug it in to get the juices up to 100% and sleep a further hour, when my phone and iPad would be ready for the daily wake-up call. Half an hour later the telephone was fully loaded with strength and ready to go, but I was not ready to go, so pulled out the uploading plug and attached it to the iPad.

The iPad was a little low on battery juice as I was playing Scrabble and chess before I went to bed yesterday. The world was now in order, at least my world was, but I fell asleep again. Somewhere in the distance I then heard birds singing (my iPad alarm) and a monotonous, stupid song with a happy sound (my telephone alarm). Why do I do this, who needs an alarm, only golden oldies like me. It was now a matter of decision. Shall I leave my bed, feed the birds and myself, or stay where I was. I had a special mini jar of extra fruity jam as a free sample from the supermarket which I wanted to try out for breakfast. Mr. Swiss was still unconscious, so I was on my own.

I am never the first one up in the morning, but there are always exceptions to the rule. It is strange to enter a completely dark appartment, blinds closed and no daylight. Although we always have one light burning during the night from the cooking stove cover which is actually only meant to see what you are cooking, but for some reason we keep it on. It does not bother anyone and Tabby, our feline, can see  better – no, cats can see in the dark. Anyhow I put on my extra long padded winter coat, donned my plastic clogs ventured into the cold and frosty garden and filled up the bird feeder. I also spread some special food for the ground bird feeders as well as spreading the bread remainders from yesterday, cut into beak sized pieces.

In the meanwhile the neighbours new cat in town decided to annoint my garden with his morning toilet. The things you see when rising early. The crows have just arrived for breakfast, and the magpies will probably not be far behind. Mr. Swiss has also now arrived, but he feeds himself, so I can continue with my daily sermon on life in the wilds of Switzerland.

I have really nothing exhausting or special to do today. I cleaned the windows yesterday morning, a quick job as I always seem to be cleaning windows. I also ironed the bed linen, so now I have an empty programme. I am such an expert on logistics, that I will now begin cooking lunch – veal stew – which will afterwards do it all on its own until lunchtime when I cook the noodles. What could be better.

Must go now, I have a time table to stick to. Have fun

Crows 03.12 (4)

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I admit it. I gave up alarms when i stopped working. In any case, I wake up. I always woke up before the alarm when I was working and I wake up still around 8 i the morning, but these days, I get up, do business, and go back to sleep. I do not have to hurry any more unless I have an early doctor’s appointment or we are traveling or something. Otherwise, no alarms. And more or less no schedules, either. I do what needs doing, but there’s no schedule. Yesterday was bathroom cleaning day because it needed it and today is laundry day because the basket was full, probably because I changed the bed yesterday. But today, having done all that yesterday, my chest really hurts, so I’m doing as little as possible and hoping it calms down. We have an actual party on Tuesday and we are hoping to actually get there this year 🙂

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    • I just need those signals to remind me. Both Mr. Swiss and I are getting forgetful. My solution is everything on the mobile phone and so is his. This morning we went shopping and he had a list on his phone and I had one on my phone. They were two completely different lists, but that makes it even more necessary. If I forget to write it down, he does not and vice versa. Although there are moments when we both forget to write it down. I really have to have an alarm in the morning. I even look forwarding to leaving my bed and doing things, like eating breakfast and visitng my computer. Oh and the housework, that is good physical exercise, the only physical exercise I do voluntarily. We have a meal on Thursday evening, a real family get together which does not often happen, my youngest and his wife living on the other side of Switzerland. Ok, it is only a 2 hour car drive, but far enough.


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