Daily Prompt: Sacred, so keep your hands off

I mean it’s only a prompt, just a matter of interpretation.

I remember a time when my handbag was the most sacred object I had. Do not open it, do not explore the contents, it is none of your business. It was quite well organised as everything in the handbag was nobody’s business but my own. This was all before I realised that a computer was much better than a handbag. It was not such a death trap. Many was the time when I opened my own handbag and found the uneaten remains of a bisuit, a few paper clips, even ball point pens which has lost their insides many months before and were floating around loosely in the handbag compartment. The refills had begun to lose their inky interiors, discolouring the lining of the handbag, and there were a few springs floating around. Springs? I was not so sure about that, but I believe they somehow belonged to the inside of the pen.

Anyhow, that is now all a thing of the past. My handbag only now contains a purse and a camera. It is no longer as sacred as it was, but is also no longer as interesting as it used to be. It was once an adventure to open my handbag and find an array of mysterious contents, which even I was doubtful about their origins. Now I have discovered the cyber world. That is not just sacred, but fobidden: sealed with many passwords and programmes where only I have admittance.


There is also an iPad, and a Kindle as well as an iPhone. The iPhone is not on the photo as I had to take the photo with the iPhone.  It used to be “hands off” with the handbag, but now it is hands off my electronic gadgets. They are very versatile and remain at home in their own special places. I also have a second computer, which is just as sacred as the one in the photo. My iPhone always accompanies me, it is the key to a secure existence, do not touch. It has a secure place in my jacket pocket during the Winter months. In Summer it could be anywhere, according to what I am wearing, but may also be in my handbag. Only I know the insides of these instruments, although in case of emergency I have a list of passwords for Mr. Swiss. I also have a list of his passwords.

It is really just a matter of respect. I would not dream looking for change in Mr. Swiss purse unless I really needed it, and he would not dream of touching my purse, unless he asked first.

Sacred is everywhere, just a matter of interpretation.

Daily Prompt: Sacred, so keep your hands off

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Sacred, so keep your hands off

  1. The purse contents reminds me of identical things in my bag which I carry to school daily. Pens whose caps were lost inside the purse only, bits of paper and chalk, bills, grade list, i cards and what not. I don’t know who puts them in? Enjoyed reading the sacred post.

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  2. When I was working, my bag was my lifeline. It had everything including makeup, extra clothing, an extra pair of pantyhose, gloves, hat, address book, notes, and eventually, the predecessor to the cell phone, the PDF. I went electronic early … but electronic won’t help if you stocking gets a run or you need your sunglasses. Or your asthma inhaler. My bag is STILL hugely heavy. It carries extra batteries for at least two cameras, as well as extra lens caps and SD cards. Credit cards and driver’s license. Distance glasses and sunglasses. Emergency medications and of course, the cell phone. But I don’t have to carry extra clothing anymore, except for the wintertime extra pair of glove and a cap, just in case. And a brush for my hair and a band to tie it up. And some makeup. Okay, so maybe it’s exactly the same. It may not be sacred, but no one will go there. Too scary.

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    • Make up, yes well I had some once. Should I wear it on Thursday when we go out for dinner? My cards and drivers licence are all in my purse. I have two purses, one for Switzerland and the other for London, although I no longer need the one for London with my Oyster card, but I keep my various internanional bankcards in it so that I know where they are. I never go places these days and do not even own gloves. Somewhere I have a few woolly hats, but never really need them. I have no hair to tie – too short.I do’t wear nylon stockings and I found that the newer cameras have batteries with a much longer life. I have reduce the medication and now only have my injection every second day in the evening before going to bed, so no problem. If I go anywhere I usually have diarhoe tablets – you never know. No I have reduced my personal luggage considerably.


  3. I believe that a woman’s handbag is a first aid kit always at the ready to repair anyone who comes to grief….got a headache? …..cuts and abrasions?….what about an anti inflammatory? Yes everyone from kids to grandma can be patched up by the handbag.


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