Good Morning

apple tart

Here it is: the remains of yesterday’s apple tart, made by Mr. Swiss. Something for my afternoon session at the computer.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 02.12 (2)We have quite frosty mornings currently as temperatures sink below 0° C during the night, but still no snow. Mr. Swiss said there is a high pressure zone hovering over us at the moment, which is the reason for the snow staying away. It is funny, I used to hate the snowy days during Winter. It was probably because I was then a working woman and had to make my way at 6.30 a.m. to work, dropping my son off at his workplace on the way. Luckily we have a garage, but if it snowed during the morning it meant I would have to spend time scraping it off the car at work before going to lunch. I also combined lunch with shopping in those days, as the supermarket has quite a good and reasonable restaurant. If the snow continued it could become quite precarious in the evening when driving home. Slow traffic, bad road conditions sliding everywhere and you were glad to arrive home safely. Mr. Swiss worked even further away and it took him almost an hour to arrive home. On the snowy and icy days even longer. However we survived and as two golden oldies can now watch the flakes falling and think “how pretty”. If it snows, it is usually good road conditions when we leave for the shopping safari and going places in the afternoon are postponed. If you have a doctor visit or something important in town, you can always take the local road train.

Next week we plan on going out in the evening on Thursday for my birthday meal. I am hoping that the snow does not decide to arrive on that evening, although we only go into town.

My online photo programme, Flickr, on the computer has been demanding a new password for the past few months. Up to now I have ignored it, pressed the continue button and everythig was fine. They also have a new code number which apparently is foolproof and kills all evil intentions from the virus infectors, but that is also something I have avoided up to now. Things are just getting too complicated for a golden oldie and who wants to steal my photos? I do not care. Anyhow yesterday they got me, I could not get any further without setting a new password. I really have other things to do. I now have the new password and I hope everyone is happy. Afterwards I had to use my memory stick to record this new password, because guranteed I would forget it by the next log in. At the same time I recorded my password as I now pay chess now and again to see what it is all about. I do not have passwords on my computer, they are all on a stick – you never know.

So as I was dealing with the memory stick on the computer Mircrosoft tell me my annual subsription to Word, Excel and all the rest will expire in 14 days. Would I like to renew it? Silly question. If I do not renew it my computer is a lifeless electronic entity with nowhere to go and nothing to do. In between I renewed this as well. I now had too many options open on my computer as when this all happened I was in the middle of writing a blog on the WordPress app. I removed my stick, and carried on. If I had been working on my Apple, this would not have happened, but I was also uploading photos in between and they go on my Microsoft computer. What a stress.

And now to begin the manual work. Sitting around on a computer is not keeping my body fit, although I enjoy it more than housework.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 02.12 (10)

A photo taken from the car on the way to the supermarket. In the background our local mountain with restaurant on top, Weissenstein. The big building is our local psychiatric clinic with attachments of the older buildings and in the front the farm.

Have fun – see you later.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Yahoo/Flickr have been trying to get me with that password security thing too. I have been putting it off because I was afraid they would want one of these things that had to be verified on your phone every time you log in. A nuisance for me because I rarely use my mobile phone at home. It usually lives in my handbag or on top of the fridge and it annoys me to have to go and get it. The government website I use for my social security benefits has this system. I would not remember any more passwords either.

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    • I hate passwords. I now have a 2 page list of them all which I have in a file and also on a memory stick. They say we should not print them out, but how am I supposed to know them all otherwise. and what if I should lose my stick which is very much possible. Any how Flickr have now had their way, although that password security thing does not come into the question. I am getting older. without my mobile phone I would be lost.

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      • I hate passwords too. I like your idea of saving them on a stick although nothing is foolproof. I use one of those password manager programs. Now we have to remember PIN numbers for our plastic money as well. I don’t want to over tax my memory.


  2. My life is about to get more hectic than ever, so I wish you an early Happy Birthday. Stay warm and well, and happy blogging. We’ll talk again when things quieten down a bit. xx

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  3. I think of this as the “waiting for winter” time. It could snow now. One of the biggest blizzards I remember was on this date in 1991 in Boston. We got 18″ overnight. But typically, we don’t get much serious snow — you know, the stuff that stays around until spring — until late January. February is usually the snowiest month, but we’ve had some monster blizzards in early March, too. Then, suddenly, everything melts and it’s mud season. Deep winter is actually short, but it sometimes seems very long.

    Save me a piece of apple tart. It looks SO good.

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    • We often do not have a lot of snow until after Christmas. I remember in our working days there was no snow until the evening we had to return to work and we were not happy bunnies, knowing that we would have to plow our way through snow drifts to get there. No-one really clears the roads after the Christmas holidays. Now it makes no difference, snow or no snow. We can plan more ahead and in the worst case order the shopping to be delivered, although we have to pay extra for the privilidge.
      Send the UPS for an apple tart delivery. I am sure the neighbours will be happy to receive it 🙂


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