Daily Prompt: Work in Progress

Cooking Preparations

I was enjoying my golden oldie midday sleep as usual, when I realised it was time to leave my resting place: not that I intended going anywhere and doing anything record breaking, but reclining in bed the complete afternoon is not a good idea.

I stumbled to the kitchen, carrying my iPhone and iPad which were accompanying me in my lunch time slumbers, you must be in touch with the world, anything could happen. There was a new feed from the Swiss news agency that Nico Rosberg has ended his career, immediately. Who? Yes, I suppose it must be important if it arrives on my iPhone. So I arrived in the kitchen and found a display on the kitchen top, the place where my culinary action usually takes place. I had not planned anything for the afternoon. The fridge is now full for any emergencies until Monday and this evening will be an easy job, just frozen pizza to warm up – what could be better?

But no, someone was planning to sabotage the afternoon peace. Judging by the ingredients selected: milk, eggs apples and cream with cornflour and vanilla sugar. I had the suspicion that the construction of yet another apple tart was planned. Mr. Swiss was already in action, although he was sitting at his computer. He does not blog, he leaves that to me, but departs on other cyber missions, which it is better not to know. Probably man computer work.

“Are you planning to make an apple tart?” I asked timidly.

“Yes, I told you this morning.” He probably did, but as usual my brain was occupied with other things like organising lunch. I just heard the sounds of the mixing machine from the kitchen, so the process is on its way. I will leave him to it.

Teddybear stickersIn the meanwhile I am busy constructing and completing my Christmas Teddy Bear card. I love those silly advertising tricks that the local supermarket invent to make the days sweeter when waiting for events like Christmas or even Easter. Over the past two years I have
now collected 6 easter bunnies in sets of 3. I have no small children at home, and grandchildren might or might not arrive, but now I have the chance to collect 3 Teddy bears for Christmas. All I have to do is spend enough money in the supermarket and per each 20 Swiss francs I am awarded with a sticker to stick on the card – a new construction game. I now have one card full and need only 4 stickers for my second card. Unfortunately I forgot this mornng to exchange my full card for a Teddy. I decided I would like to have Max as he seems to be the chief Teddy Bear. However, Mr. Swiss will go shopping tomorrow for a few bits and pieces and if he brings me another sticker, I can get the remaining stickers I need on Monday and then No. 2 Teddy Bear will arrive, which will be Mira, the lady of the group.

Oh, life is full of constructive work, for just 18 stickers I am rewarded with a Teddy Bear.

I can now hear again the whirring of the kitchen mixer. This means that Mr. Swiss is half way through and adding the mixture to the already half baked apples and pastry shell in the oven. Yes, a new apple tart construction is on its way. Must check if we have enough whipped cream as an accompaniment.

Daily Prompt: Work in Progress

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Work in Progress

  1. We are having a bit of a warm spell this week, probably softening us up for next week. Out we go for diner tonight. We need to get out of the house a bit. Hopefully we will both feel up to it. I’m hanging about waiting for the delivery guy to reclaim my stuff from the neighbors. They really ARE something else and I don’t even want to put a name to what the something else is.

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    • My birthday meal is planned for next week on 8th December. The birthday is on the 6th, but my No. 2 son and wife an only manage at the end of the week, which is fine with me. It will be a family meal in a restaurant, a rare occasion. I just hope the snow stays away until then.
      I just read about your UPS problems. I got my medicine by special delivery a couple of days ago, Swiss post, absolutely no problem. The courier services are just a little too expensive over here for regular deliveries at home.


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  3. So are we going to see a tempting picture of apple pie in your Good morning post ? How was it in taste and appearance ? So nice of your husband to do some action in the kitchen. I can’t expect this from Tarun.All he can make is a cup of tea.

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    • Mr. Swiss is very good with the apple pie, but cooking meals is only when I am not here to do it. My No. 2 son likes to cook. He organises all the ingredients he needs in the recipe and cooks a meal.

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    • You get a sticker per 20 Swiss francs. My bill at the store is usually a lot more than that, so In a week I have a full card. They are gratis because I buy the food in the supermarket. There is also a box on the card and if you make a cross on it it means that the teddy bear will be sent as a gift to a children’s home or hospital instead which I find a good idea.

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  4. Today, I am trying beef-vegetable soup- for teh first time. I just mixed all the things that I like- and a few things that I am trying to like. The crock pot is FULL! I am looking forward to want happens in six-plus hours???

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