Daily Prompt: Not Fade Away


My sight is OK, not that everything is becoming blurred, just the brain now and again, but I happened to be clearning the shower and had a brainwave – yes I still have one somewhere in my head. A view through the plastic shower door would be good photo subject for fading. Perhaps Mick Jagger of the Stones was having a shower when the idea came to him to sing the song “Not fade Away” although that seemed to be more about the singer of the song persuading his girlfriend that their love will not fade away. I decided to go on a search for the video and realised I am older than I thought I was. It was Buddy Holly who did the first version of the song. I actually do not like plastering my blogs with videos, but in this case presenting Buddy Holly for those golden oldies that remember him. He was one of the pop musicians of my younger years and he was good: he died in a plane crash at the age of 23, far too early.

Now and again I do have fading golden oldie moments, but they ensure that life does not get so boring. Currently we have Winter temperatures, and my feline found that the water in her bowl outside was solid, meaning that some where along the way it dropped below freezing point. We then discovered that our bedroom window was open all morning: it was not freezing point, but something like 14°C which is cold enough. In my golden oldie days I do not feel the cold so much, so no big problem. A discussion ensued who left the window open. I rarely touch windows as something always seems to go wrong. Either they fall out of the frame or a blind handle breaks off and so I was convinced it was not me. Mr. Swiss was also convinced he did not leave the window open. In the morning when I arise, being the last one out of the bedroom, I automatically take the risk of opening the window to refresh the air and we came to the conclusion that we did not shut it afterwards before leaving the appartment. This morning was a stress mornng  as I had to go to the doctors. I suppose these things happen when you grow older and things that you should remember tend to fade away.

And now my enthusiasm is fading to write about faded things as I am not going to submerge myself in the memories of the days gone by which are no longer as fresh as they used to be and are fading slowly but surely.

Daily Prompt: Not Fade Away

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Not Fade Away

  1. Your enthusiasm to write can never fade. You stand like a rock and no situation can deter your commitment to write daily. Today while I was writing my daily prompt the door bell rang suddenly and I might have been pressed publish button by mistake in hurry. I never realised it until I got few likes and a comment on my three lines post that too without title. I have published the finished one just now and deleted the previous one. Now a days I use my i phone for blogging, one has to be very careful.

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    • I saw your short blog and thought “why not”, it said enough. I will now have a look at the completed blog. I need space for my fingers to type so I do it all on my computer(s). I have an Apple and a Microsoft, but prefer to blog with my Apple, although it also depends on the time of day -it is all very complicated. I have a good virus protection system on my Microsoft and Apple has not needed one up to now.

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  2. I never understood that song… And since I didn’t (I only remember the Stones version) my interest faded pretty quickly. Sometimes (last night in fact) I look back on my life at a particular episode and remember how consuming it was at the time and how vague and faded it is to me now. For example, I paid the attorney for my first divorce with my collection of Rolling Stones albums. 🙂

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    • I was actually looking for the Stones version of the song and then saw that it was also a Buddy Holly number. We forget so quickly. I often find myself today thinking of things that happened long ago, especially after my dad passed away. He was really my last contact with growing up.


  3. Happy to see you mention Buddy Holly. He was from our town here (Lubbock TX). He is buried in our city cemetery, which I’ve been to, and there is a Buddy Holly Center museum of sorts, where much of his story, and memorabilia is on display. Also, my aunt went to High School with him. It was such a tragedy that the plane crashed. I’ve always loved his songs.

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    • Very interesting. He was part of my growing up with popular music and I still remember when the plane crash happened. I very much liked his music. He even came to England and did a few shows. He was very popular at the time.

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