Good Morning

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 28.11 (8)

Nothing special, just a view of the sky as we were approaching the railway with its electric wiring and the Jura mountains in the background, but yesterday we had blue skies, not a cloud to be seen. If the temperatures were more than 1-2°C it could have been a summer day, but it was cold, and getting colder. This morning we had a light frost layer on the ground and my cat decided to stay on his sleeping cushion. Even the crows and magpies only made a quick stop to get their bread and disappeared to wherever they go to eat it.

Today is a stay at home day in any case. I have a cleaning programme to complete. I also have four big pots of plants to shift to the cellar, but I will have to engage the help of someone that can deal with heavy stuff, Mr. Swiss, or more likely my oldest son. My medicine has just been delivered for my MS injections, this time two months supply because of the Christmas holidays in between. I must say it is very well orgnised. I only have to make a telephone call to my nurse responsible and she organises it all. It is delivered by special delivery by post from 7-9 a.m.  and I say which day I want to receive it.

Last week-end we had a voting week-end in Switzerland: not for a president or anything like that, they get the job on a rota and the government votes around Christmas. We have 7 ministers divided amongst the same parties, 2 from each party and 1 from another party. No big speeches discrediting the others. It is quite a friendly thing. “OK Hans, your turn this year” “No problem Franz, but what about Heidi?” “It was her turn the year before last.” “Do you think I will get enough votes to become President?”  “If it is not you then it will be one of our colleagues.” “Oh good, let’s keep it in the family.”

So you see in a direct democracy everyone is more or less happy. There are always exceptions, but that is politics I suppose. Anyhow our elections last week-end were not really exciting and we voted by post (that is Mr. Swiss organised the papers and I signed mine) last week. There were some Kantons and areas that voted for new members of their local parliament, but we had nothing as exciting as that in our area. We had a referendum to decide upon which was country wide. Signatures were collected and to was put to the vote to end all nuclear power in Switzerland: you know thos plants for producing electricity with radio activity with the big chimeys, that could lead to a national catastrophe if they either exploded or were damaged by an earthquake as in Japan. Switzerland is in earthquake territory, but the big ones only happen about every 1,000 years. We get the small tremors now and again. The last one I remember in our area was about 8 years ago, but no big deal. It was just a bit of shaking and noisy windows in their frames. A few dogs began to bark, but everyone survived.

Anyhow the vote was cast and the country decided to keep our nuclear power as no-one really knew what to do if we no longer had it. It actually was not a case of not enough people not wanting it, but not enough Kantons wanting it. It is not only the amount of people that say yes, but the amount of Kantons that say yes, at least that is how a simple British exile that is now a paper Swiss understands it. Mr. Swiss alway says I should be careful what I say as I do not always get the hang of it, but I think I am now on safe territory.

Anyhow the decision is made, so we can keep our radioactive energy for a few years until the next referendum. I do not know what the big fuss is in some countries. We just collect signatures and vote for it. In a few weeks we will know who next year’s president will be, although the deicision has already been made. He or she just has to get enough Yes votes to confirm his majority. Same film, some actors and probably same way of doing things.

So now to my houswife chores, dealing with the usual state of affairs. Enjoy the day everyone, and be careful that you do not trip over the vacuum cleaner cable, it can happen to us all.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Been there and done it (without the stitches thank goodness), but they were the days when I could get up again. Today it would be a case of hoping that help would be around.


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