Good Morning

Feldbrunnen village 27.11 (5)

A peaceful landscape over the top half of our village taken yesterday on a walk. Yes, they let me out and I even found a way to cross the road, despite the remaining barriers left by the workmen. There was even a road crossing for humans. The only tricky bit was walking around one of the posts next to the railway line, but I survived.

Survival is something I hope will last today. The day began with a catastrophe. First of all we both more or less overslept and were it not for my alarm of birdsong on my mobile telephone we would probably still be in the land of dreams. When I stopped hugging my bed and eventually arrived in the kitchen our metal blinds were still closed. All Swiss homes have them. I do not do curtains so much, the blinds are enough during the night. And so I began to raise the blind with the attached pole. And then it happened, unexpectedly, the pole broke at the top. Not just a small metal piece that now and again falls out and you have to search for on hands and knees to replace. This time the complete metal part broke at the top as I was finished raising the blinds.

Mr. Swiss made an inspection and as it was now working time he phone the company responsible. They more or less have the monopoly for blinds in Switzerland. The next catastrophe was when they informed that they could only send someone at the end of December. After an exchange of meaningful words uttered by Mr. Swiss we had to leave it at that. The blind company it seems are  overwhelmed with work at the moment and people are ill or they do not have enough people etc. etc. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has found another company and they will keep us informed. They have already returned our call to say that someone will be with us in an hour. At least one positive action today. I love those days that begin with catastrophes. During the day the kitchen blind is always open, it is only at night that we lower it. With all the modern progress in life, you would think that a waiting time of more than a month would no longer be necessary.

When Mr. Swiss was finished with his phone call, I remembered I also had a call to make for a new delivery of my MS medicine. I will now be getting a two month supply due to the Christmas holidays, delivered tomorrow morning, which is no problem.

In the meanwhle I should move on. What began as a normal Monday morning is now developing into a stress situation. I have things to do, a supermarket to visit, and a sticky situation on the kitchen floor as it seems I dropped some jam on it from my breakfast slice. I will leave you with a photo of the new rooster at the local chicken farm. It seems that Harold has now gone into a deserved retirement – looking after 60 wives can be exhausting. The new man at the farm has already taken over and was quite talkative when I was taking my photos, calling his harem to attention.

Chickens 27.11 (5)

Enjoy the day, see you around on the flip side if no more catastrphes arrive.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. O MY GOD ! what a dreamy landscape ! I envy you to stay in heaven. I just got lost in it so really didn’t concentrate in reading except that you will do something with your kitchen floor and go for the Christmas shopping. Sorry but I got stuck in the valley. Breathtaking !

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    • We live out in the country in a small village. We don’t even have a shop in the village, but the next town is just a 20 minute walk down the road, or a 5 minute local road train journey, so we are not completely isolated. It is a wonderful place to live, just people, cows, horses and chickens and we have a local castle. What could be better.

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  2. The new king chicken looks quite a handsome fellow. I’m sure all the hens are clucking about here behind his tail feathers,

    We have a huge heavy wood blind on the living room picture window. I should have gotten a regular set of blinds, or vertical blinds because these are SO heavy and clumsy, it takes at least two people to move them at all. So we never move them. They just stay in one position all the time. It turns out, wood blinds are not practical in a 72 inch length. That’s why it was so hard to find a set this size. i should have guessed.


    • The new rooster makes enough noise himself, but he is the boss and the hens just follow.

      Our complete area of appartments are getting new blinds next year, The guy that came yesterday was super. We only had to wait an hour and we thought he would just take a look. He had everything in his van and in and hour had fixed it completely and done a pefect job. He had to repair the rolling up pole. We now have his direct telephone number if we again have a problem. We have light metal blinds. In Switzerland every house and appartment block has blinds. We close them against the sun and during the night, otherwise we have nothing on the windows. I do not like curtains, although Mr. Swiss likes them in the bedroom.


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