Good Morning

Lemon tarr

Mr. Swiss bakes again,, but something completely different. Our apple reserves are now diminished. After countless apple tart baking sessions by Mr. Swiss, he has there are no more apples and so he went on a search for something to relieve the boredom. He remembered my famous lemon tarts, eveyone’s favourite. I no longer bake so much, am too busy writing memorable blogs and trying for my Pulitzer prize, in between taking prize suspicious photos.

“I think I will bake a lemon tart” were the famous first words followed by “have you got a recipe?”

It was then I had to break the disappointing news that the reciple for the Angloswiss Lemon tart only exists in my head. There are many secrets in this world like who was the Mona Lisa, and my lemon tart is one of them. However not wanting to disappoint Mr. Swiss who was ready to bake, I told him it is the same as the apple tart, but without the apples and with the added juice of a lemon in the egg/cream/milk filling – not forgetting the cornflour to thicken the mixture.

It was then question and answer time for the next quarter of an hour (while I was trying to concentrate on writing on my computer). I heard the sound of the mixing machine in the kitchen and there were no further questions. When I heard the oven door being opened and closed I realised the famous Angloswiss lemon tart had been constructed. It was then I dared to venture into the kitchen as I had to prepare the Saturday evening meal, which was another Angloswiss exclusive creation of  Chilli con Carne. I could now keep an eye on the oven for Mr. Swiss whilst I was preparing it.  Eventually the lemon tart was finished and I must say, it was perfect, except for a few crumbles on the edges. I now have a rival in the kitchen. On the other hand everyone is happy that the continuation of the lemon tart saga is preserved.

Yesterday evening I finished my Harry Bosch book The Wrong Side of Goodbye, which was a very good read. I was reading it on Mr. Swiss Kindle and although he was not pushing me, I noticed he was already sorting out his next book to read, so I decided to it would be advisable to finish the book.

Mini Cooper 25.11.2016

Last week when we parked the car in the supermarket, Mr. Swiss noticed the car on the next parking space. “A Mini Cooper” he said with a nostalgic glance in his eyes. He rembered the days, as a young man, when he had one. I remember them when they first arrived on the roads, in England. Perhaps not Cooper, but a mini. The originals did not have a handle to open the door from the inside, but a cord you could pull.  Of course I pulled out my camera, it is not every day you see one of these. It was refurbished with all the best additions, including the leather seats.  Yes, they do not make them like that any more.

And now to continue with my refurbishing of the appartment. There are places to go and to tidy up, with the help of my faithful vacuum cleaner and mop. There is also some ironing to deal with and two windows I want to have a quick clean of. Lunch is no big deal, steak and the trimmings, so it looks like lazy Sunday.

See you around later and enjoy the Sunday.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning! Your lemon tart sounds lovely. I once had an original mini, built in 1959, it had no seatbelt, the windows slid sideways to open, to start it you had to push a button on the floor I remember, and the battery was in the boot. It cost £60. Years later I had one of the brand new mini coopers, bright yellow.

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  2. Guess who made her own chili yesterday? I had bought some minced meat and had tinned kidney beans in my cupboard and tomatoes in a tin plus some more Tomatenmark (tomato puree is just not the right translation, that one is far more fluid) – of which I took the last I had. I also had a bell pepper which was dying to get used in my fridge. The wonderful thing is, that chili has no “original” recipe. Some add corn, some don’t – I left it out as tinned corn had disappeared from my stock and I had not noticed or I would have bought some. It’s on my next shopping list now.
    For today I will do some Chicoree with curry sauce (with bananas, who are dying, too, to get used).

    It’s a shame you keep your recipe to yourself – it will die out with you, if you do that. Recipes only survive when shared.

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    • I usually put in red kidney beans and the big white ones and add three colours of peperoni. I have to feed Mr. Swiss and me and my oldest son and he eats for two. We like it with bread – no rice or anything else. The english seem to eat it with rice. I don’t now what the original was eaten with, but the Americans in the films seem to just order a bowl of chilli.I also cook one of those long hot peppers with it to give it some “oomph”.
      My Lemon tart recipe is quite easy. It is the same as the Äpfelküche recipe but without the apples and adding lemon juice to the liquid and perhaps a little more sugar. Men always have to have recipes instead of going by their instincts in the kitchen.

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  3. There are new version of the mini cooper that are downright supersonic. Turbo versions that just about FLY. I wanted one, but they are too small. I couldn’t even fit Garry, me, and our groceries into one, much less a dog or two. Pity. Because these cars are very cool.

    Pass the lemon tart!

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    • I think that’s the one my step daughter now has and this might be the one on the photo. People tend to get them today with all sorts of shicki micky attachments.


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