Daily Prompt: How’s your nose today

Pat 09.09.2016I do not really have a big problem with smells, even though I would be a contestant in the Guiness book of Records for XXL nose size. There are even a few oddities in connection to this nose, according to a nose specialist doctor that decided to have a closer look, which was a very uncomfortable examination, entering my nose cavity with a camera. He said he could do a repair job to enlarge it and I could breath much better afterwards. In the meanwhile I have not suffocated and decided that a unique nose is something to be proud of, and not to hide. It does have a strange bump on the left side, but when you are a golden oldie you tend to acquire strange bumps everywhere, just a part of the ageing processs.


However it can get rather annoying when other people notice smells and you do not.

“Something smells in the kitchen cupboard” were the words of Mr. Swiss. Yes, he can still smell despite the fact that he is 8 years ahead of me.

“I cannot smell anything” was my answer.

“Come and have a look” he said or did he say “come and have a smell”? Again my computer creating moment was again disturbed, but I made an effort to keep him happy and moved to the kitchen. Yes, he was right, there was a pungeant smell emitting from the kitchen cupboard, to be exact the vegetable section. We soon found the culprit.

Heart PotatoThis time it was not a heart shaped potato defying the laws of nature and wanting to be loved and photographed. It was a dying potato. One of those that unnoticed slipped into the bag, already going soft at the edges. I do not know if you have ever smelt a bad potato, but I can tell you if you have, it is a smell never to be forgotten. It lingers in your nose, your kitchen, and even your home eventually, with no excuses. It decides if it is going, then it goes with a never forgotten memory left in its wake. It is a sort of earthy pungency with a hint of mould and other things that you really do not want to know about.

If you find this potato that smells, do not touch it because your fingers and hands will afterwards also have the same fragrence and people my begin to avoid you. A dying potato is no longer solid state (the state of matter in which materials are not fluid but retain their boundaries without support, the atoms or molecules occupying fixed positions with respect to each other and unable to move freely) its components move freely if touched and its mocules are already making their way through the atmosphere. Do not throw it into the trash can unless you intend to empty the trash can five minutes later. The smell of the dying potato will linger. The best solution is to take a walk to the nearest public trash can and throw it (packed in a platic bag of course).

I noticed the onions and garlic all breathed a sigh of relief, as well as the remaining potatoes, when this example of how a dead potato can smell is removed. There are many smells in my world that can be pungent, but even the muck spreading on the local fields by the farmer is like Dior Channel No. 5 compared to a disintegrating potato.

I know this is a pungent blog but nothing smells good when it decides to go. Do not forget to check your potatoes daily, you never know if there is a bad one in the bunch, although there will be a reminding pungency when it begins to go soft at the edges. – Aaaaahtishhoo!

Daily Prompt: How’s your nose today

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: How’s your nose today

  1. I think the only thing worse than a rotten potatoe is a rotting onion. Sometimes that happens, too. And it is defo some nasty smell, too. Unlike garlic. Garlic just dries out and turns to dust.

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    • Echalottes don’t smell so bad, and normal onions don’t liver long enough with me to go bad.I have them in a special onion pot with the holes in the sides. Are they alive, do they have to breathe?

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  2. I am the opposite. I have a hypersensitive (and large) nose. I can smells tuff from miles away – I am sure I could smell the potato in your cupboard.
    My husband can’t smell bad smells. He however, hates perfumes/deodorants and stuff. I, on the other hand, love deodorants. So we are always quarrelling about it.

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    • I think anyone could smell a potatoe that decides to give up in a raw state. I have a few perfumes (left overs from the duty free shop at the airport) but am not an expert. I like my place to smell normal and ot with any artificial smells. If I am cooking stew, then it will smell of stew, no problem.


    • We don’t have skunks in Switzerland and I have never smelt one. I have only seen what people write and say once a skunk smell arrives, you cannot get rid of it. I don’t think they even have to die, a living skunk would probably be bad enough.


  3. I too once smelled a really bad potato. I think I woke in a hospital bed a few days later. 😀

    “Strange bumps…” lol – well now i have something to look forward to. 🙂

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