Good Morning

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 25.11 (2)

As we were driving to Langendorf yesterday morning, the village where the supermarket is, I noticed this sign on our road to town. It informs that the Santa Claus market is now open on the Friedhofplatz in Solothurn: another place for me to avoid. These markets are OK, but teeming with people and their offspring celebrating the joys of Chrismas buying.

Christmas Market, SolothurnHere is a photo from the last year market which was a coincidence. I usually avoid large gatherings of people, but for some reason I was in town: probably a dentist visit or hairdresser. 6th December is a big day in Switzerland, the first Christmas celebrations. It is the day of St. Nicholaus, who brings tangerines, nuts, chocolate and gingerbread to the children. We use to make bags for the kids with all the goodies when they were younger. Now there are no longer kids at home, so we just get a few items for ourselves. It also happens to be my birthday, so since living in Switzerland I have shared the day with all the kids. Not that it really bothers me. Anyhow this year we will be going out for a meal, but a couple of days later. December is such a stress month. Every business organises the Christmas gatherings, a meal in a restaurant or in the company rooms. Instead of resting at home, putting your feet up and making the most of your free time, you are compelled to go out and eat a meal with your work colleagues. It is OK, but you really see enough of them at work. Perhaps it was because I had a family at home that I did not enjoy these occasions. Usually you returned home towards midnight, worn out from the eating and drinking at the festivities, the next day was a normal work day again. All the jokes and good humour of the evening before are already forgotten, heads down and work.

This morning we had the usual gathering of the birds outside for their bread breakfast. My feline Tabby, was awake and ready to go, so she decided she could join them. Perhaps she was looking forward to bird salad for dinner. However, it seems that crows are a little too big for Tabby, and suddenly she broke the speed records entering through the cat flap, with two crows watching her all the way. She has now retired to a comfortable cushion as she discovered that crows are a size to big for a small tabby cat. It would have been two against one in any case.

I noticed that one of the last remainders of the dictators has now passed away at the age of 90. Fidel Castro is no longer, but up to now the government are not saying why. Of course there is already a mention on Facebook that it was Donald Trump. How unfair – you cannot blame that guy for everything, he probably does not even know who Fidel Castro was. It is a funny thing with Castro. I am not a communist, just a little left of centre as Harold Wilson always maintained, but there are always certain prominent people that have fascinated me and Castro was one. I read a couple of books on his life story.

Another character that interested me was Giuiseppe Garibaldi an Italian freedom fighter that wanted to unite Italy. He was even welcomed as a hero in London in the last centuary and also visited America. He was quite an adventurer, and even his pregnant wife accompanied him on horseback on one of this ventures. I have at least two books about Garibaldi at home which I once bought in a sale. The reason my interest was awoken in Garibaldi, because in my younger years in England there were pubs everywhere with the name “The Garibaldi” so I decided to find out who this guy was.

Today no shopping, Mr. Swiss will take a trip into town for a few bits and pieces. I will be playing lady of the house.

Enjoy the beginning of the week-end and if you are bored, you can always write a blog, or give your plants some water. I began with a Poinsettia on my kitchen table and now have christmas cactus and a kalanchoe, as well as my hibiscus. Mr. Swiss finds I am overdoing it again, as we have no more room for the plates when eating.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Popped into Stockholm’s Christmas Market the evening before we left Sweden and my family there. Not as big as the German ones we used to go to, but full of color & lights; we bought traditional straw goats for presents. Haven’t sat down to blog for simply ages, but will get back to it. Meanwhile, I read yours with pleasure when I can stop dashing around visiting family & friends in the UK. xx

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    • Mr. Swiss worked for Volvo in the management and was in Göteborg once at Christmas time. He said it was wonderful, celebrating the Swedish christmas customs and Santa Lucia seeing the girls with the candles in their hair, and there was also a Swedish banquet, although I do not think he was too keen on elk meat.

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      • I had some delicious, tender reindeer at my son’s home in Stockholm. My sister in Alaska says moose mince needs some beef added as it is so lean it can be a bit tough. I have enough trouble just cooking British beef right.


  2. Our town does it’s “Christmas/Winter/New Year’s” festivities around that time, too. Whatever Sunday comes closest to December 6th, there’s a little parade and various booths. There used to be fireworks, but we ran out of money. They had some for the 4th of July this year, though … so there is hope 🙂

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    • Mr. Swiss said they have now switched on the Christmas lights in town. We don’t have a parade. We save the fireworks for 1st August, which is our 4th July. I leave the home arrangements to Mr. Swiss. we have one candle burning in the evening, but he might renovate the Christmas wreath with the four candles.


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