Daily Prompt: Why did the Chicken do the liminal thing

Chickens 23.09 (3)

There are always poblems, confrontations in life. We have lines to be crossed, each one being a threshold to the unknown. This was the case when Mabel decided to cross the road. She did not realise at the time that history was being made, she was on her own liminal quest to disover the meaning of a gallinal existence and she was making history.

On this day she was bored, pecking for seeds was no longer the fulfilment of her poultry life, she wanted more, she needed to cross the threshhold to new realms, discover what could be there and so she took her feathers into her clawed feet and made a memorable decision. The other chickens looked on in amazement. Where was Mabel going, what liminal quest  did she have  to fulfil, and where was the farmer? Christmas was far away, so her existence was secure, she was also the champion egg laying hen in the coop, what more could she want. She was the rooster’s favourite hen.
Harald the rooster
Harold the rooster had long discovered her value as a supporter for poultry rights. She instructed the other chickens that a good hen was a hen that laid eggs regularly, and stayed faithful to Harold whose responsibility was to protect them. But there were limits to her life in the coop. She wanted to go places and see things.

One day she noticed that the fence was being repaired and this was the chance. The wire was being replaced and the electric force had been switched off. There was no risk of accidentally touching wires that would make her feathers stand on end and so she took her courage into her wings and flew the coup. She soon discovered that chickes were limited in flying so as soon as she reached the other side of the fence she began to walk. The other chickens looked on and Harald called “Mabel where are you going,  stay here.”

But Mabel ignored Harold, she was a determined chicken she knew what she wanted. She crossed the surrounding field which had recently been mowed. The first danger loomed on the horizon. She found herself in a cow field. However, the cows were occupied with chewing grass and saw no danger in a chicken in their field. They called “Moo Mabel moo”, which translated meant “Go Mabel go”. In the meanwhile she could hear the chickens clucking and the cows mooing. They were supporting her steps to freedom.

It was then that she arrived at the road. This was the test, but she had come this far and wanted to know what it was like on the other side. Harold decided to come into action and ordered his harem to follow Mabel and form a corridor across the road, there was safety in numbers. His many wives followed instructions, heedless of the threat from the approaching traffice. Even the cars stopped moving seeing the chicken corridor formed across the road. And Mabel saw her chance and crossed the road between the rows of her colleagues. She had achieved her life’s purpose. She was the first chicken to cross the road to get to the other side. She quickly discovered that the other side was nothing special, no chicken food, no chicken coop and above all no Harold the rooster. And so she turned on her claws and returned to the coop.

Everyone clucked and rattled their beaks, Mabel went down in history. She was the first chicken to complete the liminal quest and Harold was a proud rooster.

If, like myself, you have no idea what liminal means, perhaps this scientific explanation of the bravery of a single chicken might put us all on the right track.

Daily Prompt: Why did the Chicken do the Liminal Thing

17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Why did the Chicken do the liminal thing

  1. As I couldn’t find the word in the dictionary, I decided to check your blog because I thought I would be able to know the meaning by reading your post ! Thanks for your story, I’ve laughed a lot !

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    • I am really not sure if I got the real meaning of the word, but the main meaning seems to be the word “threshold” so the chicken crossed the threshold. I am bilingual and so I looked it up in German as well, but it was even worst.

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      • The word liminal exists in French and means “at the limit of perception”. But is is not used very often. Subliminal is used more often and means “just under the limit of perception”. Nevertheless, I prefer you story of poultry !

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  2. YOU get the whole “chicken crossing the road” thing. At one place I worked, almost all my coworkers were originally from Russia, with two others from Pakistan and India, respectively. Do you know how difficult it is to explain why people laugh when you ask “Why did the chicken cross the road?” and everyone says (in chorus) “To get to the other side. Ha ha!” The Russians sat there, blank-faced.

    “Why,” said Sergei, “Is that funny?”

    Good question. No one could explain, probably because it isn’t really funny, but it makes us laugh anyway. It’s funny for no reason. Maybe we could ask the chickens?

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    • It was one of my dad’s favourites and he was always asking me when I was a kid. I can imagine the Russians didn’t get the joke, they don’t laugh at things that we do. The worst sense of humour I have ever witnessed is the Japaese one. We had a Japanese TV film with jokes once on our TV, but we really could not see the funny side of the jokes and the Japanese were laughing like mad.

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    • I think they are more worried about the fox than the sky falling on their heads, but Harald is there to protect them. The fox is the reason why Harald the rooster has short tail feathers, but they are growing again.

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  3. Hilarious!! Had me clucking with joyful chuckles. Made me think of the movie Chicken Run. These are British Chickens or chickens with British accents. Not sure why the description lists the chickens as repressed. I sort of thought they’d be depressed since every time a hen fails to meet their egg quota she winds up as dinner!!

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  4. I like your chickens names; I have a friend whose rooster was called Nellie; they named him before his gender was apparent. Sexing chickens is not easy, I understand.


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