Good Morning

Magpie 24.11 (4)

Magpie 24.11 (3)It has now become a morning ritual to chop the leftover bread from the day before to feed the birds. Not a complete loaf, just that silly left over slice that no-one manged to eat. The birds do not complain. The sparrows and tits avoid the bread pieces on the lawn, because that has now become crow and magpie territory. We have noticed that the crows and the magpies do not like each other and keep a nice long pecking distance between each other. It is also quite clear that the crows are the ones that come first. The magpies arrive afterwards. Both groups have their own colonies and in two separate places far away from each other.

Crow 24.11 (2)

Looks like these two crows were keeping an eye of things to make sure there were no intruders.

And today is the day of week-end shopping. Yesterday evening I made myself comfortable with my mobile phone and began to plan the shopping list. I realise that there is absolutely no point in asking Mr. Swiss as he has no idea. I just wanted to include him in the logistics, not wanting him to feel neglected or having nothing to say about what we eat over the week-end. I soon realised he was glad when I did the planning and decision making, so I gave up bothering to ask.

The brainwork has now been completed (thanks to me) and there is only the physical side of things to deal with.

Whilst planning this shopping safari, the TV was running in the background with one of those new Harry Bosch film series episodes that I had not yet seen. I am quite a Harry Bosch fan and have read all the books, am now on the latest one. It seems to me that the film series is a little confusing and they jump around from case to case, combining various books. Yesterday Harry discovered who actually killed his mother, although I do not remember that being in one of the books, but I probably missed it somewhere. My problem was you cannot watch a Harry Bosh TV film when compiling a shopping list and afterwards reading a Harry Bosch book, so I gave up with the reading.

Feldbrunnen roadworks 24.11 (4)

I took a walk up to our junction with the main road yesterday, as Mr. Swiss told me the workers were now on the finishing stage of the road work. The last part of the operation was organising the crossing to get to the other side. I decided to take a walk after completing a couple of blogs, so it was already thinking about evening when I left. I did not get very far as, although the new crossing exists, painted freshly in a nice bright yellow. You cannot use it yet because there is a barrier in the way. I decided to take a photo before it gets dirty.

I mentioned to Mr. Swiss, that after all the hardships we have suffered in our village, being cut off from the outside world and some of us having to drive the scenic route up the mountain to get to the next town, whether the completion of this new and exciting tranversal through the village will be celebrated. He said most probably, so there may be festivities, although we will have to be patient until next year. The Swiss tend to celebrate all sorts of inaugurations. There will be an opportunity for some photos I hope.

Ok, I am now on my way to another adventure, but will be back some time today. Enjoy your Friday and those that work during the week, you have almost made it – tomorrow is the beginning of the week-end. Of course, some of the colonists over the pond have a 4 day holiday combined with thanksgiving, black Friday and the normal week-end, so make the most of it, it will soon be Monday again. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Enjoyed your birds having the leftovers. It was a pleasure to be part of your morning. Trying to create my garden here. Wandering why every time I get a barren piece of land where the last so many occupations of the house had no interest in gardening.

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    • I am sure your garden will be a success. You have so many more opportunities to grow flowers that would never exist in our country. Perhaps the previous occupants took their flowers with them when they moved on and are now replanting them in their new house.

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  2. Wonderful bird pictures. Sharp!

    I think crows are the most aggressive “garden” birds. And they are organized. They have a definite pecking order, not unlike the Canada geese which totally dominate whatever waterway in which they are nesting. We don’t seem to have magpies locally. I wish we did. They are so striking with their black and white coloration.

    I don’t feed the birds because we are so heavy on predators. Many more predators than prey, so putting out feeders and such is like laying the table for the bobcats, fishers, and coyotes.

    I’m amazed at how quickly your roadwork is almost finished. We’ve had the center of town torn up for two years already and they aren’t done yet. No one seems to have any idea if and when it will ever be completed. it would be nice to be able to drive through town someday. We live in hope!

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    • We now live here 18 years and since arriving the crows have occupied certain trees, the highest ones. We hear them all the time to the extent that it is our normal background noise. In the summer evenings they go on a group flight together. They keep themselves to themselves, but are the first to notice when I throw out the bread in the morning. I even spend time cutting it into beak sized pieces. The magpies have also been here for some time. We had a colony where I worked, and I often used to watch them from my office window.

      The only predators we have are the local cats and the birds are too sly to get caught. There are foxes in the area, but they stay more in the woods. During the night the hedghogs take over, but we do not see them very often. When No. 2 son lived at home and would return from a night out in the early hours of the morning he said they were everywhere.

      You cannot just repair a road in Switzerland without first of all having it published in the newspaper. They give details of what will be done and where and when, although it does not always go to plan. There were so many complaints about their new traffic organisation during the work, that the authorities had to replan the new temporary bus route. They said it would take until December and it seems it will be finished by the beginning of next week. The last step will be to free the crossing from one side of the village to the other.


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