Daily Prompt: Am I sated?


This morning I decided to treat myself to a piece of my favourite cake in the supermarket. I have now eaten it and seeing the photo realise I should really clean up my computer now and again. I usually use my Apple computer in the afternoon, but had a photo upload to do on Facebook, and my photos are all my Acer computer.

However, I am now sated. I was also sated yesterday, despite the fact that in Switzerland we were thankful for nothing in particular, it was a day like any other day.

I realise today that being a golden oldie, my body no longer can absorb as much food as it used to. Enough is enough and a plate does me nicely at lunch. In the evening I just eat for the sake of eating, but no longer spend the hours after the evening meal looking for something more. My days of eating potato chips and peanuts throughout the evening have disappeared. I no longer feel that there is something missing in my diet.

As much as I hope everyone across the pond enjoyed their turkeys, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pies, I am not sad that I was sitting in Switzerland wondering what to eat in the evening. No. 1 son was not at home and it was only Mr. Swiss and I. Mr. Swiss announced that he would do a help-yourself meal from the fridge in the evening, which developed into an egg fried “sunny-side-up” as one says in the colonies, and I decided something fried would be too much. I found some ham and wedged it between two slices of bread, with some butter on the sides.

In my earlier housewife days I fed 4 children (later only two) and myself and Mr. Swiss every day. I composed meals like a musician, but without the overtures, although sometimes a desert on Sunday. Today I do not know how I did it. I even made cakes in between. Sometimes we even invited other people, and it was not an exception to have 8-10 people at the table.  I now have problems cooking the Chrismas evening meal, although it is only Mr. Swiss, me and No. 1 son. Today I saw a few turkeys in the supermarket, but at 50 Swiss francs for one turkey I decided that would not be a good idea. There are few farms that have turkeys in Switzerland, not very many, and I am sure that every Swiss turkey had even a name, how sad.

And now to starve until the evening, or shall I eat a banana. Every ape loves bananas and they are healthy.

Daily Prompt: Am I sated?

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Am I sated?

  1. That cake looks delicious, but although I am not a golden oldie yet, (more like a silver oldie), I can feel it deposit in my midsection (and later in the toilet) just looking at a photo of the cake. Sad state of metabolism.
    Yes, have a banana.

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    • I do my best, but most of the time have to work with a german and english dictionary to get them right. It is the english words I have problems with, although I am a Brit.


      • I understand. Years ago I went to school with a French boy. I could never explain the difference between read and read.


  3. The cake can easily compensate my biryani. I can very well connect with age and appetite loss issues. Crossed forty and moving towards that direction slowly. Wander how the turkey must be tasting. You can have chips once in a while .

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    • I have noticed that in age you really have to be careful with eating habits. For some time I had problems, and discovered myself it was caused by tablets I was taking for cholesterol. Now I am not taking the tablets and feel fine. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.


  4. I figured out yesterday that I have been feeding other people … kids, husbands, friends, and family … for 52 years. I do it well. Efficiently. Neatly. Generally with good results (and the occasional misfire). But when anyone else offers to cook? I ALWAYS say YES. With enthusiasm. If I never had to cook another meal, I’d be delighted.

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    • Exactly. Everyone was wondering how mummy was celebrating her 70th this year. Personally I did not really want to celebrate, and definitely not cook. So mummy said find a restaurant and lets go somewhere. The restaurant has been found – at least I won’t be cooking the meal for my own birthday. After so many years of cooking there comes a moment when you really want to forget it all and just sit at the table at wait for it to be served.

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  5. In 1997 my friend and I were wandering around the Zürich zoo, it was winter. There was a North American exhibit. It was some bison and a few turkeys. I laughed because I’d never thought of that, though, of course, it makes perfect sense. Across from the “Home on the Range” exhibit was a tiger who thought it was fun to spray people standing by the fence. There was a warning sign to this effect. Where I last lived in California there were wild turkeys everywhere. I believe they believed they owned the mountains. I saw them very often; they could take over a road just like a herd of sheep but with no shepherd to move them along, sometimes you just had to turn around and go the other way.

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    • I never realised there was such a thing as wild turkeys and definitely not in Switzerland. There are a few people that breed them but there is not a lot of money to be earned in it. The only wild larger animals we have are foxes and you only see the mess they leave behind when they are on the prowl for something to eat. Never leave a garbage bag out overnight. Now and again you might see a squirrel. We also have martins, which no-one likes, as they eat the rubber on the brakes of the cars, especially BMW.

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