Good Morning

Blue Tit 22.11 (1)

This is a photo from yesterday. No birds today in front of the window up to now, although the table is laid. Not even the crows and magpies have appeared for breakfast. Perhaps they are becomng overfed. Yesterday we filled the birdhouse in the morning and by lunch time it was empty. I thinkI will have to put them on a diet. Sparrows eat everywhere and anywhere, but the tits are more fussy. They like take a claw grip on hanging food.

Yesterday we had a visit from the electric man. We have a plug on the living room wall which is a little bit shaky: probably because now and again it gets pulled in the wrong direction when manipulating with the hoover. We decided before we go up in flames and smoke, we should have it looked at. It was a simple job for the electrician. He informed us that from 2017 all plugs will be made differently, sunk into the wall , meaning that he will have to do some wall working. Mr. Swiss informed himself by an Internet connection that plugs in kitchen will be something more special.  Why repair it when it is not broken?Always something different. We assume the EU will have new laws, although we are not in the EU, just surrounded by it, but we follow all their suggestions. Switzerland never needed a Brexit, we had it from the beginning. Everyone else joined and we even stopped thinking about it

Today is a shopping day, so I will be on another 5-10 minute road trip accompanied by my camera to the supermarket. I must lead a boring life and I really have nothing to say today, although Mr. Swiss finds I always have something to say.

I am off, time for my morning exercises with the hoover and mop – others do gymastics. Who needs gymnastics? I can combine it all with my daily housework and save time. I even have a logistic session when planning my shopping list on my mobile phone.

See you around – and do not forget it is Wodensday today. Fancy having a day of the week named after you – I think he was some sort of German guy who was once a god.


7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Our wiring laws vary depending on where you live, but they do change. The standard changed about 20 years ago to a grounded two prong system, though a lot of equipment requires three prongs and most outlets are designed to accept either two or three prongs. I’m sure our house wouldn’t pass the codes today, even though we had the circuit box replaced about five years ago — and that was the second time we’d replaced in in ten years. You never know for sure what’s going on inside the walls. You just have to hope that whoever did the electrical wiring in your house did it the right way, even where you can’t see it!

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    • The wiring laws are changing all the time. We have three pronged plugs, with round prongs. In England they have three pronged plugs with square prongs and also a switcheboard next to the plug. If you plug in you have no electricity until you switch it on. Also in England you very rarely find electricity in bathrooms. It is normal in Switzerland that Mr. Swiss can use his shaver in the bathroom, but not in England.
      When we bought the appartment it wasa new building, so we could organise ourselves where we wanted the plugs put because they had not yet been fitted.


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