Daily Prompt:Was it worth the anticipation?


At the beginning of the year the road workers moved into our village and remained. Every day they did a little more and today, at last, it seems the end of this odessey is visible, perhaps by the end of the week. In the last few days the noise emmissions were increasing from the main road and machines were put into action. Whilst I was cleaning the shower this afternoon, which I was not anticipating with happinesss, Mr. Swiss took a walk with our garbage can to our container and sidetracked to the main road.

Oh joy and jubilation, the pavement has now been tarred and everything going well, I will be able to cross the road to get to the other side witout having to make a detour taking 10 extra minutes. The anticipation is great and I can now visit our local castle, the horses and the chickens. Oh, I forgot, there are no chickes to be seen. They are now confined to their barracks due to worries about chicken flu. We have no chickens in Switzerland with chicken flu, no sneezes or chickens walking around with a scarf tied around their nect because they have sore throats. The Swiss are an anticipatary nation, better to be safe than sure.  The migratory birds are winging their way across our country and precautions are being taken. Personally I find it a bit exaggerated. The country is small and a bird needs no longer than a day to cross it and probably does not even notice that it is there. If you are on your way to Africa from Europe you do not have time to admire crossing the Swiss Alps.

I am drifting. Yes, I can go places and see things that I have rarely seen in the past year.  I find we should have a village festival to celebrate the occasion. A new road, and a new pavement. We even have railway barriers. They having warning noises and lights when they go up and down. Apparently we were living in a dangerous zone without. Mr. Swiss naturally photographed the progress with his mobile phone to record this joyous moment. I will miss the men in orange when they go.

Black FridayOn the other hand, do we have to import everything from across the pond. Admittedly the Brits made a few mistakes when they took over and decided to colonise a country that was discovered by mistake, thnking that ut was India at the time. Of course this new world, known as America (named after Amerigo Vespucci? Who?) celebrate this by holding a thanksgiving festival. I have nothing against thanksgiving, but did anyone ask the turkeys? Ok we will leave that one, I quite like a piece of turkey myself.

We, in Europe, are not anticipating this day as we were not discovered. We were there from the beginning, swinging from the trees, growing up to have a few wars with each other, and even celebrating our own national days. We might not have a turkey massacre, but many cows and sheep go to to their happy hunting ground, in the name of thankfulness.

Now the worst thing has happened. There is something in Europe called January Sales. You know, the month after Christmas when the shops sell all the articles left on the shelves. Someone over the pond (was it Mr. Wal the founder of Walmart perhaps) decided it would be a good idea to already sell everything cheaper before Christmas, after Thanksgiving Day. No problem, it is an Ameican thing if people feeling discomfort after eating turkey with cranberry sauce, pumpkin pies and drinking egg nogs decide to visit the stores as early as possible the day after, fighting indigestion and its discomforts, to get the computer they always wanted at half price, or even the washing machine that is now a bargain, 10% cheaper, not to mention that x-box that Johnny wants for Christmas, which is now a must at that price, why not – it is their problem. Unfortunately there might be only a few articles left and first come, first served.

This super package deal is now in Europe. I believe it hit the British shores some time ago and today when I view my Migros app on my iPad (Migros the Swiss Walmart) on Friday we have the 10% rebate Day. I am a modern housewife and have a shopping app. Friday is the day when we go week-end shopping: normally a peaceful day, meeting neighbours and shopping according to the list on your moibile phone. We have now been infected and the app tells me that toys are even 30% cheaper as well as Christmas sweets (50%) and you can have the breakfast hit for only five Swiss francs instead of 6 francs 40. I do not think that Mr. Swiss and I will arrive for breakfast at the supermarket. I will at least eat that in peace at home. Do we have to do this? Is it really necessary. Even a Thanksgiving import would be better than this sales disaster. No, I am not anticipating next Friday, but I am sure I know why it is called “black”.

Tomorrow will be a day of rest in preparation. I might even take a walk to the other side of the road to celebrate.

Daily Prompt:Was it worth the anticipation?

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:Was it worth the anticipation?

  1. We used to call them, when I was growing up, the “January White Sales.” This was not racist. No, it referred to linens. Bed linens, specifically. January was when all the shops had sales on bedsheets. They eventually expanded the sales to include all housewares and then, they expanded again to just make it ‘SELL EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW.” So now they are the post Christmas whatever-you-didn’t-buy on Black Friday sales.

    You can get the same stuff online cheaper without the parking and the traffic and all those PEOPLE.

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    • It is interesting how this all develops over the world. I suppose in some countries it is all done with bartering in any case, so you do not need a sale, just argue the price down. I only remember the January sales in England. I actually avoid shopping and buying stuff only because it is a sale. It is not worth the money you save, because your nerves and patience are more valuable.
      I am a great online buyer, but I have problems with clothes. My size is just not normal. Sketcher shoes no problem, I know my size. But why is it when there is a size no. it is not the same for all manufacturers. It is so annoying. My last favourite clothes shop in Solothurn closed down a few months ago because of the competition from online. I do not like cheap and looking cheap. I like a touch of quality to my clothes and you cannot see that in photo or advertisements.


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