Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Anticipation


“Tabby, I want to draw the curtains.”

“And, what is the problem Mrs. Human?”

“You are sitting in front of the window.”

“Of course, now is the most intersting time of the day, when things begin to move.”

“I cannot see anything moving Tabby, it is too dark.”

“That is your problem.One of the many human imperfections not being able to see at night. I can see pefectly well, it is the best time of the awake phase. Look, see it, now it has disappeared under a leaf soldier. Perhaps it will return.”

“What has disappeared?”

“It lives in the garden of course. Have you never seen them.”

“Them, there are more than one, are they dangerous.”

“Not as dangerous as the leaf soldiers, but I captured most of the leaf soldiers and put them out of action. They are no longer falling and their colours are changing. They are even dehydrating. Look it has reappeared and found food. One of the others. They must be very tasty.”

“I don’t get you Tabby. I can see nothing moving in the garden, everything is still. Who are the others.”

“Do not ask, it is better if you do not know. As I said Mrs. Human, with only 5 senses it is obvious that your sense of perception is less than mine.”

“Your have more?”

“Of course. We have the basic 5 that you have, but we also have sub senses. We can see, but we have a few more dimensions. Only the primitive animals have 3.”

“You have a fourth dimension.”

“And a fifth and sixth. You have to enter the many depths to appreciate what you see. That is why I do not like the hard vitamin pellets.”

“They have no depth”

“And no taste, here depth does not enter the question. But I must now concentrate. Stop pulling the curtain Mrs. Human. As a compr0mise you can lower the blinds, but only to my ear level. I have to be able to receive audible mechanical waves of pressure and displacement. Look it’s moving again and humming to itself.”

“Tabby I can hear nothing.”

“Yes another impurity of the human kind.  So now you can close the blind and curtain. They are now moving on to other realms, beyond even the borders of the feline world. ”

“Yes, but who are they.”

“Do not ask Mrs. Human, you would not understand. I just heard a noise, I think one of them has fallen over the ledge to the cavity of no return. I will now anticipate there visit tomoroow. ”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Anticipation

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Anticipation

  1. This would explain two things that I’ve always wondered about. What cats are staring at when they sit there, transfixed at … nothing. And why the dogs are also barking — at nothing. Obviously, it isn’t nothing. They are watching the invaders from those other dimensions. It all comes clear now!

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    • Cats do not need understanding, they are years ahead of us in their development and dogs are not far behind. One day we will realise what it is and then we will have problems.


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