Good Morning


What a great sunrise this morning. I was throwing out the bread remainders for the crows into the garden and had a look upwards. I usually do a check if there is anything worth a quick photo and saw that the sun was in a good mood, so I grabbed my telephone camera and took a shot. Looks like it will be a bright and sunny day today, but unfortunately I do not have a lot of spare time to enjoy it, as today is the big cleaning day.

I should actually not be here now. I wonder how my day would look without a computer. It would probably be boring and I would be sitting in a chair knitting something. I used to knit a lot when the kids were kids and the only computer available was a Commodore which actually belonged to No. 2 son, although I would often play a few Arcade games when he was not using it. Oh yes they were the days, wizzing around a dark sky and travelling in warp time. Now and again there were boulders to dash and I would explore the unknown realms of Koronis Rift. It remained unknown because making progress was impossible. I do not know if anyone actually reached the final stage of Koronis Rift, but that was in the pre golden oldie days and the begininning of computer games.

Now I have two computers, one for the morning and evening and the other for the afternoon, although it makes no big difference when I use which one. I have an Apple and a Microsoft. The Apple is useful for the quick jobs and my afternoon blog, because I do not have to connect it, it has enough power for many hours. I use the Microsoft for uploading my photos into files and on the hard drives and also writing in the evening. Yesterday evening I was finished with the computer but suddenly a few things turned up half an hour later, which I wanted to deal with rather yesterday than today. That was where the Apple came in useful. No waiting for it to be ready, just switch it on and do the job and after 10 minutes the job was done and I could put it to bed for the night.

And now is really time to go. Don’t just talk about it but do it. There is a bathroom waiting to have its tiles cleaned and a few other objects.

Enjoy your day, and remember, if you are bored, you can always knit a pair of socks.

I nearly forgot. Yesterday morning there was a fantastic view of the alps from the parking lot at the supermarket, so I just had to take a photo. Mr. Swiss left me to get on with it as he decided he would save time if he already packed the trolley of shopping bags into the car boot whilst I was doing my Ansel Adams thing. The buildings that are in the way belong to a factory near the supermarket. I only had my normal range lens with me, so could not get a closer view.

Alps 21.11 (1)

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It’s a thing with those alp views.They are always there, do not go anywhere, but you do not always see them. It depends on the weather situation. When I took these photos it was one of those idea days. Otherwise it could be a month before you see them again. The photos are not always so clear, as the air tends to give them a milky blue colour now and again.


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