Daily Prompt: Eliciting information can be difficult

Feldbrunnen 13.11 (2)

“Where do you think you are going madam?”

“That is quite obvious, I would like to cross the road.”

“We have barriers to stop people crossing the road.”

“I can see that, but I am stepping over the barrier because like the chicken, I want to get to the other side.”

“Fred, she wants to get to the other side. Ha, ha, ha.”

“I can see that Joe, the second one today.”

“The second one today? I want to cross the road.”

“These red and white barriers serve a pupose madam. No road crossing allowed.”

“That is why I intend to climb over the barrier.”

“You cannot do that. It is forbidden.”

“Why not. Since a month I have not been able to cross the road. What are you doing here? If I cross the road there is another barrier on he other side, that I have to climb over.”

“Exactly, no way through for the time being is there Fred.”

“No Joe, definitely not.”

“But what are you doing? I will call the authorities and ask how long this state of affairs will continue.”

“No problem madam, but they will only confirm that the barriers remain until no longer needed.”

“Then tell me why you need them and for how long.”

“We do not need them, but it is orders and we have to carry out orders don’t we Fred?”

“Of course Joe.”

“But nothing is happening. You are just standing here.”

“Of course we are, someone has to keep an eye on things otherwise you will have people crossing the road all the time.”

Building in Feldbrunnen 18.06 (5)I see signs everywhere pointing in different directions since a month, but a sign showing me how to cross the road is nowhere.”

“Of course not. We didn’t get signs for crossing the road, we only got signs pointing right and left. They didn’t send any signs for crossing the road, did they Fred.”

“Oh no Joe, ha, ha, ha.”

“Will you stop laughing that ridiculous laugh, it does not help.”

“It helps us to see the funny side of things Madam. You should try laughing yourself instead of shouting and stamping your feet. You are even getting a red face.”

“Ok, I will remain quite calm. Just tell me when this state of affairs will be ending.”

“Oh, now that is a good question isn’t it Fred.”

“Definitely Joe. I think that lady this morning asked the same thing. Shame she had to go.”

“She had to go?”

“Yes madam, they called for her and put her in a white coat with straps. She began to make a fuss and shouting let me out, let me out.”

“And all she wanted to do was cross the road?”

“Looks like it. Something about going home. Seems she was staying in a room in the restaurant on your side of the road. We put up the barriers and that was that.”

“What happened.”

“Obvious wasn’t it. You can’t cross the road to your side when we begin to put up the barriers. She couldn’t get back. She demanded an explanation this morning. Said she wanted to go home again, hadn’t seen the kids and her old man for some time.”

“Just tell me how long this state of affairs is going to last.”

“Until we are finished.”

“And when is that?”

“No idea. Do you know Fred?”

“No, better not to ask too many questions.”

“All I want is an explanation.”

“Yes, that’s what the lady said this morning. Ha, ha, ha.”

Roadwork Feldbrunnen 21.10 (6)

Daily Prompt: Eliciting information can be difficult

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Eliciting information can be difficult

    • At least they have an excuse for spending the money. This is based on the truth, although all in the name of the new traffic installations and safety barriers for the local train. All I know is that I have to add 10 minutes on my walk to cross the road.


    • This has been going on for almost a year. It should now be comng to an end, but every day a new surprise. We are cut off from civilisation, but thank good the road is now operating normally.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I read that book many years ago, but I remember the beginning and end of the world because of the new motorway through the universe. We are not so important in our village, but every day a new surprise.

      Liked by 1 person

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