Good Morning

Back garden

I took this photo this morning of the trees bordering our area and have just noticed a lonely crow sitting in its branches, so we could all play a game “spot the crow” like those silly games on Facebook.

I really find that Facebook is going from bad to worse. Every day I am confronted with good ideas. I now know how to coat my Christmas decorations on the tree with a marble pattern. Quite easy: a bowl of water and some various nail varnish mixed together and then dip your plastic ornament in the liquid, give it a twist, let is dry and you have a wonderful new idea. I prefer to buy mine already coloured, although I just remembered, I do not have a Christmas Tree.

Not celebrating Christmas does have its advantages. I do not have to do any Christmas shopping for presents, as we have also given up on that one. we buy our own. My appartment is not filled with  twigs of holly and mistletoe. The only thing we have are a few candles and Mr. Swiss likes a Christmas Wreath. That has four candles and you begin the fourth Sunday before Chrismas to light one candle. A week later there are two candles burning until eventually on the Chrismas week-end all four candles are burning. If Mr. Swiss looks after that side of the Christmas, I do not mind.

I am not a Christmas grinch, celebrate with the others, but I do not need this extra stress. I even read in a few remarks in Facebooks from people that are proud to say they have bought all their presents already in September. They go on to tell me that at the beginning of December, they have at last completed the wrapping of the presents. Ok, I no longer have small children in the famile. Perhaps it would be different if I did.

Some good food does it for me. Thank goodness it is a short holiday this year, just a week from one week-end to the other. What really annoys me is that the whole event now begins in October in the shops. When the New Year is over our shops begin to fill with carnival requisites which will be some time in Febuary. Yes life is one big celebration.

Today is Sunday, one of those days that I used to enjoy when I was a working woman  because I did not have to go to work, but just sit at home and relax. Cook Sunday dinner and catch up on the ironing. However, Sunday evening was something different. If it snowed in Winter I was already dreading the drive to work the next morning. Today everything is different. We have the rainy season at the moment, and no snow. Now I would not mind some snow. Not too much, but just enough to make things look pretty. I also notice that the colder weather is more pleasant to live with. I only leave my refuge at 10 in the morning and by then the snow has been cleared away.

I always have a good book to curl up with. At the moment I am reading the latest Harry Bosch book by Michael Connelly, The Wrong Side of Goodbye. Mr. Swiss and I do not often share the same taste in books. He is more into real things and I like a little bit of supernatural mixed in, but we seem to agree with Harry Bosch and have both read all his books. The last one I read, The Burning Room, I did not find so good and a little boring. I am now only into the first couple of chapters of this book, but seems promising. He has even given me his Kindle to read it on as he does not need it at the moment.

And now to heat up the oven to cook my Sunday dinner of roast neck of pork with all the trimmings. It will be accompanied by seared new potatoes (seared is a new word for fried it seems – all the cooking programmes on the TV use it). I like to prepare my meat already and forget it for a couple of hours until lunch time, which means a realaxed Sunday morning. The slow cooking method has its advantages.

Enjoy your Sundays everyone wherever you are.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. A beautiful post about today. I enjoy days at home too- and though I do not dread the Sunday morning drive to work, I would like to have a longer snooze if I could. An early retired life has its advantages if there is enough money to tide over the retirement. I am sure you would also like to celebrate Christmas in the spirit in which it was first meant to be celebrated – with peace and goodwill towards all men. Now it is commercialized and early commercialized at that, and it is for a few old timers like us to bring back the old spirit of Christmas into the new generation- that can be our legacy.

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    • I was only retired 2 years too soon, but after working for the company 30 years, I was treated very fairly and this was 8 years ago. I am an atheist which is the main reason why I do not celebrate Christmas, it has no real meaning for me. I am just annoyed at the way the commecial side is being developed. I do have good memories of Christmas parties back in England when I was still there, family Christmas which was more a party than anything else. When my kids were small we celebrated Christmas in Switzerland with the tree and the presents, but reflecting on it , it was stress. I am quite happy with my Christmas now, but do not need all the stress that now goes with it. Just me and my close family and relaxing.

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  2. It’s the same here. We have a little tree (not a real tree) I decorated last year and put into the attic already decorated. I will take it out, take the cover off, and that will be our Christmas tree. I don’t know if I’ll bother with the wreath this year. No one really looks at the door anyway, but maybe I’ll feel more holiday spirit in a few weeks.


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