I am a Brit, and we Brits tend to stick together, even the time of referendums when some do not agree and the others agree, but we we stay on in the hope that it might not happen, although it will.  I do not need a plan to survive the zombie apolocalypse, because I have already survived it.

I survived Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Anthony Eden, Harold Macmillian, Sir Alec Douglas-Home (pronounced Hume) and Harold Wilson then I gave up and moved to Switzerland, but I never forgot them (which might have been my plan at the time to survive). They were probably all zombies, developed in the political test tubes of after war politics where everyone wanted to do the right thing, but did not exactly know what it was.

I saw Harold Willson speak live at the Poplar Town Hall. My friend and I were both quite social minded in 1964 and did not want to miss the opportunity and Harold was our hero. I lived in Bethnal Green and She lived near Mile End Tube Station, all in East London near the docks. I remember that meeting well. The only demonstration that took place was a few loud complaints from some opponents of the Viet Nam politics in the british government, but I was a mere 18-19 years old at the time and my eyes were shining with hopes on Harold and his gang – George Brown comes to mind, Harold’s right hand man.

Yes those were the days and I miss them very much. I would be at home on Saturday evenings just to watch “That was the Week that Was” with the new star in the TV sky, the late David Frost. Satire was born and I loved it. Things change and later David Frost became a leading member of the establishment of BBC reporters with his very serious interviews. For the youngsters reading this, it will probably be full of names that you have never heard of or known, because they are gone and forgotten, but not by me.

My apocalypse is now getting old with all its problems. Joints that no longer do what they were planned to do and we even have a new American president which it seems most people did not want. I have a feeling he did not really want the job, but just did it to make up numbers. Who knows, are the four horsemen now saddling their horses and planning to ride through the world, pushing everything over the edge that is no longer necessary.

It might be, but as long as they leave my computer alone and my iPad it will be OK. I might want to write a blog afterwards telling everyone about it.



  1. Brilliant stuff and I think you’re right, most politicians probably are zombies, they certainly have the same number of brain cells as each other. Similar personalities to.

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    • We don’t even have to vote for a president in Switzerland. 7 ministers and every year just before Christmas a different one gets the job, no discussions just a little bit of behind the scene voting. So-called rota system. The Swiss are probably organising the apocalypse, but don’t tell anyone, just make sure your money is safe.

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    • Living in Switzerland, our satire programmes are refined to the Swiss way of life which is really only understood by the Swiss and a few aliens like myself. I remember “Beyond the Fringe” as a show in the West End of London in the sixties which was a great success, from 4 students.


  2. I know the names but was too young to understand their politics at the time. I think you are right though. All or at least most politicians are zombies. I’ve long been convinced they don’t live in the real world. This would explain it.

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