Flower of the Day: 19.11.2016 Columbine

Columbine in flower

Prompted by CEE I had a look in my archives for columbine. I found a few photos. They arrive regularly in my garden each year from the seeds left behind from the year before.

My first acquaintence with Columbine is a reall blast from the past, a very old memory. The golden oldies and not so oldies may remember the TV series Gun Law with Matt Dillon played by the tall and good looking (in my opinion) James Arness. There was once an episode where Mr. Dillon and Chester were looking for a dead person. They found his remains because Mr. Dillon saw that columbine was growing there and the clever Mr. Dillon knew that columbine always grew on graves.

Whether this is true I do not know, probably just a trick to make the film more interesting, but I never forgot these words. I can assure you the only dead bodies in my garden are probably from an ants nest or a few spiders, but no bones or human remains. At least I do not think so, but they found a couple of skeletons when they were building next to our appartment house, because it used to be the place where the gallows was in the olden days. 🙂

 Flower of the Day: 19.11.2016 Columbine

11 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 19.11.2016 Columbine

  1. Perhaps in Doge City (or wherever Matt Dillon was Marshall) they grow wild, but here in Canada I’ve never in my life seen columbines in a cemetery. Though any vegetation will grow more lush where there’s organic matter—like decomposing bodies—in the soil.

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    • Coumbine is a common flower where I live. I planted a few in the garden, but there is a wild kind, usually with deep purple flowers, that grow in the hedges. I find it a very pretty flower.


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