Photo Challenge: Magic

Gösgen through the train window

Travelling on a train is never boring. Even taking a photo has a magical effect with the reflection in the glass. It is Winter, the ground is covered with snow and there is a chimney. Not just a chimney, but a gigantic chimney. Steam is pouring upwards, never ending, is this magic. Some may say it is. It is one of the modern magical tricks that humans can perform. Take an atom, play with it a bit, and you get something called nuclear power. I am not a scientist, so do not know how it actually works. I do know that Switzerland is talking about not using nuclear power, and this majestic tower of steam and energy in Gösgen will one day be shut down. The chimney may remain, but the steam will go away. Is it magic or not?

Photo Challenge: Magic

13 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Magic

  1. It is indeed, magic. But who is to say whether all magic is good? We are trying to shut down many of our nuclear facilities too … but it seems it is easier to build them than dismantle them. Turns out, there’s no place to get rid of all that radioactive waste.

    Seemed like a good idea at the time!

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    • Switzerland is seriously discussing shutting them down and there will eventually be a vote. This is all very well, but as long as France have their power plants arranged along the Swiss borders, I do not see a big advantage. We are in the middle.


    • I am also not an expert on nuclear stuff, I know that I do not like it. It is the nearest power plant we have, about half an hour with the car. I should really go there once and take some close up photos.

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