Daily Prompt: Mythical or not?

In 2009 something strange happened to me and I still wonder today if it really happened or whether it was just one of those twilight dreams. On a dim rainy day as today the memory returned, but let me begin at the beginning. Please excuse me if you remember reading about this the first time, but today we are all 7 years older: few of us are still here, and many are new. Look up and around you before deciding whether this is fact or just a myth.

Seen in Migros, Langendorf

I suppose walking home through the park in the rain has been the prompt for the beginning of many stories and films. Something I just cannot understand. If I had a transport connection to get me home, or even my own car I would definitely use it, but no, it’s a walk through a park in a dismal, damp atmosphere. Not even a talk dark handsome stranger that might be lost and looking for help. Just on my own with squelching boots and an umbrella for protection. In the films there is always the right person in the right moment to share the umbrella with. The park bench is also looking forlorn and lost today. Strange that it is throwing its shadow on the ground. No sign of sun anywhere but a ray of light seems to be putting the bench in the spotlight.

“That’s because of me.”

“Because of who? Did I hear a voice? I think the rain is slowly affecting my brain.”

“I said it is for me. I was crouching in the rain and decided to find a dry patch, but up to now have found nothing. Perhaps you can take me home with you.”

“I don’t take strangers home anywhere. Where are you?”

“Just behind the lamp post next to the old wooden seat, under the ray of light.”

“No, you are not human, not even animal, I think I am imagining things.”

“No, lady, just think. Your apartment house is just opposite the park. You are nearly home. Now spare a thought for me, sitting on the corner of the roof. Just look at me carefully. See my wings and pointed ears and wonderful head. Who do I look like?”

“Something out of a science fiction film?; a sort of eagle with legs and a tail.  I think I am going now, my imagination is playing tricks on me.”


“Now you don’t have to shout at me. I heard quite well what you said, what did you say, you are a griffin.”

“A griffin; I am the griffin that sits on the roof of your building. I watch you leave in the morning and see you come home. You once made a photo.”

“Griffins don’t live, they are carved out of stone and they certainly do not sit in parks waiting for the rain to stop.”

“Well I got fed up sitting on a roof in the rain and getting wet. I decided to fly down and wait for you to come home. You always walk through the park at this time; the rain is not doing my stone feathers any good. Ah-ti-shoo.”

“Just a minute, you are a griffin, you flew into the park, you waited for me and now you seem to be a griffin with a cold.”

“So what are you going to do about it? If I was a cat or dog, lost and alone, you would certainly take me home with you and look after me.”

“I am not sure about that, but I suppose you are right.”

“So what is with us griffins. You humans stick us on roof tops, on churches, anywhere really, just to make everything look pretty and no consideration for our feelings. Now centuries ago we were something. We conquered the unicorns and the gargoyles, we were respected, humans feared us.”

“Well that was years ago, and now they are just stories and pictures in books.”

“You see what we have come to, just a story in a book. Lady I am getting really wet in this stupid downpour, you live just across the road, so what about it?”

“How do I know you won’t do me any harm.”

“You don’t, but that’s the risk you will have to take. If I wanted to harm you I would not be sitting here having a conversation, but would have grabbed you in my claws and flown off with you. Humans eat chickens, so we griffins are quite partial to a human now and again.”

“I am not taking a man eating fancy eagle creation home with me.”

“Come on lady, have a bit of mercy. Today is international griffin day.”

“It is what?”

“International griffin day, it is the only chance we have in our stony lives to fly again. Most of the griffins don’t bother. My colleague on the other corner of the roof decided to sit it out as usual. He said forget it, you will only frighten some naïve human and they only think of theirselves; looks like he was right. Nobody loves a griffin any more. We are really just reduced to being ornaments and subjects for photos.”

“OK you win, so just walk or fly next to me under the umbrella, at least you won’t get wet, but don’t make any noise and don’t sneeze. I don’t want the neighbours to see you.”

“OK, lady, I will make myself invisible until we are in your apartment. Do you have something for me to wipe my nose?”

“Here take this tissue. You can make yourself invisible?”

“Only today, you know international griffin day.”


“Now that was a day yesterday. I am sure no-one will believe me. Today no rain, thank goodness. Hello you up on the roof, how are you feeling?”

“Quiet lady, it is not everyone who is supposed to know where I was yesterday. Oh, and thanks for the hamburger and the beer, that was really good. So now I will be a stony griffin again, and don’t forget, next year, same time and same place. Just look for me under the lamp post next to the park bench, you will find me there.”

Daily Prompt: Mythical or not?

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