Daily Prompt: Let’s get vegetal


The veggies are all there: cabbage, celariac, carrots and leek, even some parsley to vegetate it even more. I know there are a few marrow bones and a pot of meat, but these things sort of go together, at least for me.

I am kind to my vegetables, peel them carefully, try not to cause them any pain when peeling the, even wash them and cook them slowly to guarantee a good soup. I have never heard a carrot scream up to now when I place it in boiling water, so I cannot be doing any harm. The meat is already gone to the happy hunting grounds when I buy it, it seems to be something we do in our part of the world. But we are talking about the vegetal side of life.

People can be strange if you engage them into a conversation about food. Of course, everyone to their own taste, but the taste has to fit. I remember one Christmas at work, meeting for the Christmas dinner. We were a mixed bunch, but we all had something in common, we ate food if we were hungry. I discovered this is where the similarity can end before it begins. The menu was great, lots of choice, and I decided on the steak.

The lady sitting opposite wiggled her nose in disgust, did I do something wrong?

“Oh no, I could not eat so much meat” and the word meat she emphasised with a sneer, as if I was a cold blooded murderer. This was not true, I liked my meat cooked, altough cold cuts also had their attractivity, especially combined with a good vegetal sauce. The lady next to the lady with the meat allergy agreed and found too much meat is not good for you. This was the person in the office that had no breakfast before she arrived at work, but at a choice from the 8-10 bottles of vitamin tablets she had next to the computer.

The waitress took my order asking if I preferred my steak well done, medium or rare.  I chose my favourite of rare to medium. The lady opposite moved her chair nearer to that of the lady with the vitamin pills. Did I notice  a look of disaproval on her face?

The food arrived, I tucked into my plate of meat, showing that it was once alive (now dead) with the body juices slightly oozing, as I cut a tender piece with my knife. My neighbour at the table cut through her carrot calmly and left no traces on her plate of what she had eaten. I also had a few carrots, but I chopped and mixed them in the juice from the meat. It was delicious.The other lady with the vitamin pill diat, also chose a selection of dead vegetables. I am broad minded and did not feel offended at all that they were non-meat eaters. Everyone to their own taste and vegetables.

I remembered the days of home cooking. I do not think my mum had ever included the workd “vegetal or vegetarian” in her vocablulary. Admittedly she could not cook, but the meat was always edible. It was the vegetables and potatoes she killed with kindness as they were generally overcooked. The carrots would be floating in their watery grave for at least an hour before they were served, just to be sure they were cooked through. My dad loved my mum’s cooking. It was for him the best you could eat. He was not a vitamin person. I believe it was probably because you could not taste vitamins and you could not see them. They were generally thrown away with the cooking liquid in any case. We survived, the treat of the Sunday evening was dripping spread on bread, which was the fat left from the meat, which contained traces of onion, almost vegetal except for the carnivorous fat left from the animal we had eaten.

Dad’s philosphy was there are so many animals (meaning cows, sheep and pigs) walking around they must be there for something. We lived in London where I saw my first real cow at the age of 10 on a holiday in the country. I could have said the same about humans, but he may not have undertood the meaning.

And so I grew up mainly canivorous with  vegetal as an extra. There came a time in my eating life when I was really confronted with meatless eating. Why not? It all happened when Mr. Swiss was retired and I was still working. He would cook something for his lunch and I would eat in a local restaurant. In the evening we had cold cuts and an accompanying salad. He was almost vegetal. I noticed he looked the same as ever, spoke the same, and had no lingering problems. Eventually I was also retired, and we remained vegetal at lunch time. We survived, but wandered into the canivorous world in the evening with ham and sausage and cold cuts, although we also ate cheese. Is cheese vegetal? I am not sure, I should ask the cow perhaps.

Today I have health problems, but not because of meat or vegetal symptoms. There are other things in the world that can be a problem, and not due to eating too much meat.

I believe in freedom of speech and doing what you want to. I have nothing against vegetarians, there are some nice people amonsgst the vegetarian population. We have to learn to live with each other and be understanding.

Daily Prompt: Let’s get vegetal

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Let’s get vegetal

  1. I think your mother and mine went to the same cooking school with basically involved the application of lots of heat to everything. The meat more or less survived, while the vegetable were reduced to protoplasm. The best you could call my mother’s cooking was “edible” and that was on a good day.

    I totally could not write about vegetables today. I didn’t have it in me.

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    • Definitely, not forgetting the long cooking time to make sure it was “done”. We all survived somewhow, probably by pushing it to one side. Funny that Mr. Swiss never liked Brussel Sprouts until I cooked them. It seems the “old school” would cook them until they fell flat on the plate and gave up the ghost. Mine stay round and just a little bit crispy in the middle.
      At last I can eat normally again. I had a terrible time. I suffered from a digestive issue and now since a month it has almost disappeared and I have got my appetite again. I thought it might be a lactose allergy. And now I have stopped taking my cholesterol tablets since a couple of weeks and no longer have problems. I now have to explain to my doc as she says it is important when you are diabetic, but I want to live a normal life and eat normally, I even began to lose weight. And my sugar levels are OK.


  2. I have been vegetarian/vegan for most my life. My husband likes mostly chicken or fish, not so much red meat. But we cook and eat very happily together. So much better than bottles of pills!

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    • I am not anything really, I just eat. Without meat is no big problem for me, but I am probably a lazy cook and with bringing up 4 kids (2 step kids and my 2) there would have been too much stress at the table to begin special wish cooking.

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