Daily Prompt: Let’s go bludgeoning


“That is not a nice photo.”

“I don’t do nice photos, I do realism.”

“But you cannot show something like that to everyone.”

“Why not, you decided you wanted something special for your birthday meal and spent at least 10 minutes explaining to the butcher which piece of meat you wanted and how he should cut it. He selected at least three pieces until you decided and I did not notice that you found it “not nice”, choosing the most juicy tender piece.”

“You agreed to buy it as well.”

“It was your birthday – no problem and you were looking forward to it so much. Ok, it looked like quite a good piece of meat, but a bit sort of, well, dark, and to be quite honest – bloody.”

“Since when are you a vegetarian?”

“I know, I like a bit of meat, but it can also be a chicken leg or even a piece of lamb, as long as it is not Spring lamb and local.”

“What is wrong with spring lamb?”

“Already on my plate in spring – no thankyou. And before you ask, I prefer something from New Zealand. They have more sheep than people.”

“Which means?”

“If one  or two go missing, no-one really notices it.”

“Sounds a bit illogical to me. So now to my birithday meal. Make sure you do not fry it too long, I like my t-bone steaks a little red in the middle.”

“Of course, although I really feel sorry for that piece of meat. What a way to end.”

“My birthday meal? It is in honour of the day.  and it will be remembered forever. Do not forget the herb butter. Make it with some garlic, it adds to the flavour.”

“It definitely will not be foregotten, it cost twice as much as the usual.”

“But it is top quality. It has been stored longer than usual to improve the quality and taste.”

“You mean I pay twice as much for a piece of old meat? And look at the colour, that is more than blood red, it is dried blood red, the joy of every vampire. I think I have lost my appetite, I will make myself a fried egg and some french fries. At least they will be fresh and not be exhibited in a glass window for everyone to see. I am sure no-one buys that meat. We are the first to choose it. I noticed how how the butcher was uncertain about how to cut it.”

“Now what’s the matter, stop crying.”

“I feel sorry for the cow. What a way to end in a glass window at the butchers. It is morbid, almost like a scene from the cabinet of Dr. Mabuse.”

“Are we going to eat this meat or not?”

“You will have to cook it, I cannot bring myself to do it, I feel like a murderer.”

“But the cow is already dead. Ok, forget it, stop crying. I have also now lost my appetite.”

“OK fried eggs and french fries for both of us.”

“And what are you going to do with the meat?”

“No problem, I will give it to the farmer. He must like it, he has at least 100 cows on the farm.”

“But they are milk cows.”

“Are you sure?”

“OK, give it to the farmer. He will probably appreciate it more than us.”

Daily Prompt: Let’s go bludgeoning

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Let’s go bludgeoning

    • No problem, neither of us are anti meat. Mr. Swiss grew up in a butchers family. He was the one who taught me all about meat. My dad always said that to be quite honest there are enough cows walking around, so they must be here for some reason, although a bit frankly speaking. This was a special occasion, so we had a special meat.


    • I have to be careful what I write, there might be some vegan/vegetarians looking on. No, we did not give the meat a miss. It was a really big piece and it was divided amongst me, Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son, with some on the side for Tabby. It was good meat, but not really worth reapeating again. I prefer a basic Rindsfiletstück. T-bone and whatever is not really my thing.

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    • That is so true. I am not a vegetarian, the homo sapiens is a carnivore, but not only. Cats are carnivores and the only allowance they might make is yogurt, which our Tabby absolutely loves. We do not even like watching wild life films so much, although there are some beautiful scenes of the animals, even animals can be brutal with each other and that is what we no longer like watching.


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