JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Graveyard

St. Kathrinen Cemetery

Strange things happen in a graveyard when the time gets nearer. Shapes appear, the mist rises and a rest on a friendly bench can be your last rest. She invited me to take a seat and beckoned with her finger. I was curious, wanted to see her face. I approached and she suddenly seemed to stretch her body. I saw her face, but what did I see? The eyes were empty, but they were staring in my direction.

Statue in solothurn cemetaryAnd then I heard a voice calling. “Come to me, come to me”.

She was calling to me, telling me to join her. but more empty eyes, no human could have eyes like that and she was cold. As cold as the gravestones. I was fixed to the ground, anchored,  and could not move. I felt the cold stiffness growing in my bones. And now I am standing in front of the bench, but I have turned my eyes away from what I saw. I am waiting, just waiting and frozen in time and stone. I have joined my two sisters in our stony grave. Wait, I can see someone approaching, I wonder if she also wants to sit on the bench. No-one sits on the bench, they will be frozen before they reach the bench, like myself, and my two sisters. All I can do is to welcome her to the graveyard. She will soon be one of us. Someone joins us every year at halloween. It is the magic of the night.

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Graveyard

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