Daily Prompt: Tiny is relative

Garden Spider babies

Every mother loves her babies, so you cannot blame the spider when she sits on a leaf to keep them under control. They are so tiny and vulnerable. Their bodies are soft and there are so many predators in the garden just waiting for a nice tasty soft spider body to digest. If you were a tiny baby spider you would also stay with the others. There are times when they like to spread out, discover what the world holds for you. Baby spiders tend to explode in group size if they are approached.

At least I often observed this situation in the garden. My spiders are well behaved spiders and do not enter the home, they remain outside in the garden. There are some tiny insects that do not keep to the rules and now and again in Summer there might be an earwig taking a walk in my kitchen. I am sorry to say that the last thing he sees in his earwig life is the sole of my shoe. Mr. Swiss tells me I should put them outside to live their own earwig life. I beg to differ, as their earwig life means munching on the leaves of some of my bushes and I have never got near enough to an earwig to carry it to safety.

I would never kill a spider funnily enough. I do not know why. I find that replacing them in the garden, should they take the wrong path into my home, is no big problem. Perhaps we are lucky in Switzerland to have few dangerous spiders. There is one, with a cross on its back, that apprently bites. It has never bitten me and usually just sits in its web making lunch parcels of flies. As I do not like flies, which are born to be killed, these spiders are doing me a favour.

Fly 18 (3)I got myself a macro lens for my camera some time ago. This really reveals a new world of microscopy. The lens are heavy and also quit expensive, but for the first time I realised that the eye of a fly is not just an eye, but composed of various facets. This is not a perfect macro of a fly, because unfortunately the maro lens registers every little movement you make. It was one of my first photos so I was still learning. Now imagine being fly sized and being approached by a human carrying a camera with a macro lens attached.

Of course I was taking photos everywhere of tiny things.

Personally I am not tiny, but was one of the tallest in the school class, and am still one of the taller golden oldies. I noticed when I got my walking cane, I had to adjust it to a longer length. Sometimes I would not have minded being smaller, as you always seemed to stick out in the crowd.

Daily Prompt: Tiny is relative

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Tiny is relative

    • I grew up in London and if I saw a spider, or any creepy crawly I would be in a state of shock. Since living in the country for nearly 50 years, I just got used to it. Love taking insect photos and discovering they way of life. We don’t really have a lot of dangerous stuff where I live, and the dangerous ones stay outside in any case.,

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