Good Morning

First of all I will begin my Good Morning blog with a happy birthday Mr. Swiss. I just realised that it would also have been Dizzy Gillespie’s birthday today through The Today in History blog by The Gad About Town, although of course Mr. Swiss knew this. I suppose jazz souls are somehow related. At the moment he is celebrating by taking our new vacuum cleaner for a walk. Of course there will be celebrations. We will go shopping together and buy something special for lunch. Otherwise we do not want to overdo it, as you get older you have to take things easier.

Yesterday I again ventured into the unknown for a walk on my own. Of course I was warned by a concerned Mr. Swiss not to go too far and too long. I actually wanted to cross the main road for the path to the local castle which is quite near and with a few benches on the way. Once again our village is cut off from civilisation. The path comes to an end at the junction to the road and it it has now been blocked off by wooden planks. I though I might be able to squeeze through but on the other side of the road it was exactly the same, combined with excavation work  where the actual walking surfaces had been destroyed. We are back to square one it seems. Now the roads are free, but the pavements no longer exist. I turned back and decided to walk down the path to the local river. It was a really enjoyable walk. Just a few joggers on the way, puffing and blowing as they ran past, and a few golden oldies, but I was the only one with a camera (and a walking cane).

The route is a good one and after a short while you reach a nice bench where you can sit and take some photos. Today was a meeting of the local swan club and there must have been about 10 of them on the river.

Swans 20.10 (14)

They are always on the other side of the river, but I had my 200 lens on the camera, so managed a few photos. They nicely waited for me opposite the bench where I was sitting. The bench is at the foot of the steps going upwards. On the way I saw a few cows who also gave me a moo. I was overtaken by an elderly gentleman which is not difficult these days, but we exchanged a greeting as is the custom in Switzerland

At the top of the path I noticed the sheep were again out and about. As soon as they saw me aiming my camera they all came full speed towards me, their bells ringing which were hanging around their necks.

Sheep 20.10 (12)

Luckily there is also a nice comfortable bench at the top of the stairs where I could sit and regain my energy before travelling the home path. The view from the top of the stairs is quite breathtaking, over our so-called “middle-land”. If it was an exceptionally clear day you would be able to see the Bernese overland with its alps.

Walk along River Aar 20.10 (7)

I really enjoyed this walk, no stress and pleasant weather. It seems my half hour walk was an hour eventually, but this was due to the photo stops I made on the way and sitting in comfortable places. Mr. Swiss already had visions of me falling and emergency situations. I reassured him that I have to take a rest in between for a few conversations with cows, sheep and swans. He fully understood of course. He did not realise that our village section had now been cut off from civilisation again. Will this never end? Today we will fight our way free from the village with the car to reach civilisation.

I must go, time is passing and I have a birthday dinner to organise. Have fun everyone – see you around.

23 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That’s one thing I envy. You can walk to most of the places that are beautiful and nearby. We have to drive, often just a couple of miles, but except for a couple of smaller ponds and one little creek, everything is at least 2 or 3 miles away. Not much more, but too far to walk … and too much up and down hill for either of us. But nothing is very far away.

    I am surprised the swans didn’t come over to collect some goodies. our “wild swans” are not SO wild. They know that humans come bearing gifts and they expect you to pay the toll 🙂

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    • I only go to the near places on my own as I can no longer walk as far as I would like to. I used to be able to walk to our local hermitage, but now have to use the car to get to the parking places.My problem is that the energy gives out too soon on the way. I can manage half an hour with no problem. Walking up and down is also ok always using my cane. After a long walk I begin to drag my left foot instead of lifting it and that is not so good.
      I think perhaps one of the reasons that the swans gather on the other side of the river, is because that is where the fishers gather. I would not like to get too near to our swans, especially if the kids are with them.


    • There are probably too many shee for bells in your area Sheep is not a big thing in Switzerland, so they have enough to gou round. Mr. Swiss sends his thanks.


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