Daily Prompt: Millions of things

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 19.10 (7)

There must be millions of leaves waiting to fall from the trees, and millions that have already fallen, because yes, it is now Fall/Autumn. We will be swamped with falling leaves, drowning in falling leaves, perhaps they might even suffocate us. The first victims of leaf suffocation will soon be appearing. You will not find them, because they are buried beneath millions of leaves. They will only be found when the local gardners arrive with their mega vaccuum cleaners programmed to suck up leaves. Even then the corpses beneath the leaves may not be discovered as they might also be drawn into the vacuum cleaners.

Unless of course you live at the equator or in the Southern hemisphere. The equator does not have many falling leaves, just one or two from a plam tree, and in the South they are now looking forward to Spring when the leaves begin to grow again. They have removed their dead bodies and the leaves when we were enjoying spring, millions of them.

I worked it out that I am actually a millionaire, it depends on the perspective. If I reduce my Swiss Franc fortune to cents, then I am a millionaire. It depends on how you look at it. Donald Trump does not have to do that, I mean convert his dollars into cents. The million dollars exist. I suppose Hilary Clinton as well, just to be fair and not being biased.

I checked to see how many blogs I have written here, but have not yet reached a million, only approximately 2-3 thousand up to now, but growing all the time. I will probably write my millionth blog when sitting on a cloud watching the world turn below.

After my golden oldie sleep today, I noticed someone wanted to call on my iPhone. This was a rare thing, as no-one calls me on my iPhone. I noticed since I have my own phone and no landline, that I am avoided and ignored by humanity. The only person that calls is my neurologist to make an apointment. He seems to be my only follower. Since my close family connections have closed down in England, my english friends and relations call me on the Facebook messenger as it costs nothing. We do not Skype because I closed my Skype account some time ago. I was getting millions of strange people calling me that I did not know.

So today I got a call. Three calls from the same number. I did not recognise the number, but I recognise few numbers. I called back, which was a mistake and immediately got an answer from a young lady speaking high german, meaning she was a German: not that it would bother me, but I realised it was not Switzerland. This young lady asked if I realised that my illness insurance would be increasing next year. As illness insurances constantly increase, this did not surprise me, but I became suspicious. Out of the millions of people with illness insurance she chose to call me. I asked her if she knew the name of my illness insurance just to be sure. She answered that I should know the name of the  insurance as it was mine.  Of course I did, but I decided this was one of those millions of insurance scams and told her thankyou very much, no interest, and hung up. Mr. Swiss was chuckling in the background and said actually all I had to do was to tell her I was 70 years old and suffering from MS and she would have closed the conversation hersef.

It seems that millions of things do not happen in my life.

Daily Prompt: Millions of things

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Millions of things

    • And after re-reading my effort, I found a million mistakes, so I will have to go over it. I discovered it is not so easy writing a one word prompt. I mean there are millions of words, but they always choose the wrong one.


      • I know exactly what you mean. I don’t know why, but I seldom can think of anything to write using the word being offered. I’d prefer the more challenging ones at M-W’s Word of the Day.
        Mind you, who’s to say if I’d think of something to write about with their offered word. Today it’s “evanescent” which means tending to vanish like vapor. A lot of my bright ideas are evanescent. 🙂


  1. Millions of things happen. We just clump them into bigger lumps. Like we move and every little movement is a separate event, but we think of it as moving that leg or arm … or to add a few million more tiny events, we walk across a room. Wow. All those firing nerves! All those little controlled muscle movement! All that balancing to keep from falling down. MILLIONS of events! Every day in every way 🙂

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