Daily Prompt: Trust our eyes

My dad would not trust very much. He would read the worst newspapers, revel in the ridiculous stories they would bring and then he would tell me “I don’t believe any of that stuff I see unless I see it with my own eyes”. Somehow I got lost with the logic on the way. He would be amazed to see that a prehistoric man had been found in the alps, frozen, preserved in the various layers of rock and mud, but then would tell me it is all a trick and unless I see it myself I do not believe it. Yes, my dad had a wonderful sense of logic. However, he would still buy his daily paper, apparently for the racing results. He loves horses. I remember a a kid, I think I visited every race track in the south of England. We even spent our annual summer holidays in Great Yarmouth in the North of England where it happened to coincide with the racing days.

Today I had a revelation of trusting my eyes. Mr. Swiss decided to remove our Mowey, the automatic lawn mower, and transfer him into hibernation to the cellar. Mowey’s job is done for the year, as we have now stopped mowing the lawn. It is no longer growing, the weather getting colder. Mr. Swiss called me to show me the wild life that had collected beneath the mower during the past Summer. I came armed with my camera which had the zoom lens. I decided I would have to stand too far away so returned for the camera with the macro lens. It was a good opportunity to take photos of two worms, worming around together and a third worm also appeared to see what the other two worms were doing.


Snail eggsIf you look carefully you can see another curled shape at the top of the photo. This shape eventually straightened out and became a baby slug. There was also a collection of slug eggs on the earth. Yes beneath our Mowey there was a world of nature’s miracles waiting to be discovered. You can always trust nature to take over. Mowey had been resting on this piece of earth for six months and the underground life could develop with no itnerference from outside. No creatures were harmed in the writing of this blog. Mowey has now been replaced with a cover. I asked Mr. Swiss if he had removed the slug eggs and worms before fixing the cover on the earth, but he said no. He left everything as it was. Life was developing in the underground regions of our garden and we were the trustees.

Eventually Mr. Swiss was becoming impatient and asked if the photo session was now coming to an end as he wanted to complete the job. I told him I had to take a few quick snaps with my mobile phone for today’s blog and then I would be finished. As I returned to my computer I discovered a fly buzzing around. Another opportunity for a few photos. I now have about 20 photos of a house fly in different poses. He even rubbed is front legs together for a different angle on the photo.

And that was the excitement for today. I do not really know if this has much to do with trust, but life is built on trust. I have to trust my computer(s), trust WordPress, trust my cameras and trust my cane when I take a walk. I do not have to trust Mr. Swiss, that goes without saying.

Daily Prompt: Trust our eyes

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Trust our eyes

  1. At first I thought all of the photos were taken of dirt caked under your mower itself..and that Mr. Swiss had discovered it when he took the mower down to your basement and turned it over. “Swiss called me to show me the wild life that had collected beneath the mower during the past Summer.” Duh.. I kept having to reread, therefore, to understand the last part My brain finally clicked, though. There is so much in our world that we pass by without seeing. Cameras give us a wonderful and attentive third eye.

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    • He cleans Mowey before he puts him into hibernation. This was all in the ground below. I asked him if he removed it before sealing the ground afterwards, but he said he left them all there to survive until next year. A bit ironic because if I see a slug in the garden I usually throw him out.

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      • I know.. that’s what I thought. The way I totally got rid of slugs was to sprinkle hair cuttings in the soil around plants. Worked great. I just cut the hair I saved after my haircut, cut it into very small pieces of 2 to 3 mm and it drives slugs and snails out. Try it.

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        • I might try that. This year we have almost no slugs. It depends on the weather. If we get a damp summer with plenty of rain, then we have a slug invasion. I just pull them out of the garden and throw them as far as possible. I do not know if they return.


  2. We finally cleaned under all the furniture in the living room and were delighted to NOT find any wildlife. Outside, well … there’s so much going on. It has warmed up here, back into the high 70s and 80s during the day, so everything will wake up for a few weeks before the cold closes in. I’m planning to enjoy the Autumn as long as possible!

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    • Living ground floor with the window open most of the time in Summer, we now and again get a stray spider or something but can get under the furniture easily with the hoover. At the moment we have temperatures around 0°C during the night with mist from the river in the morning, but the sun usually arrives during the day it gets warmer. Looks like a nice Autumn, but it can quickly turn to snow.


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