JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Bobbing for Apples

Beware, those apples are aiming at you, there is danger ahead. Mr. Swiss has been contaminated. he has to grab an apple as soon as he sees one. We are being inundated with apples everywhere. Since our apple tree in the garden has been producing ripe apples, there is no escape. It all begins in the supermarket when I see him with a roll of ready rolled out pastry. I am then warned. The next stop is to the  diary produce, do we have cream at home? Of course we do, so we can move on. We arrive home and I dive for cover away from the kitchen. Mr. Swiss is taking over and heating up the oven.

I see apple peelings being thrown into the garbage can, my apple corer removing the centres of apples and he begins slicing. No bobbing with Mr. Swiss, he is a man of action and this is what you finally see happening.

Making an apple flan

No bobbing when Mr. Swiss gets busy, he knows what he is doing, Super appleman is in action. The baking tin which has been greased with buter, has been lined with the pastry and the apples, which have not been bobbed, are divided carefully into equal sized pieces and arranged symmetrically. What will be his next action, his fingers are waiting impatiently at the side of the tin for further action. The tin is full, he folds the edges of the pastry knowing that you also eat with the eyes. A tidy apple flan, is a well behaved apple flan. It then disappears into the oven, a critical operation.

Apple flan

Suddenly there is a rumbling noise in the kitchen, a whirring sound, machinery is being applied. Yes he is developing the secret mixture for the liquid filling. This is when I had to sneak into the kitchen for a photo. He can become very sensitive when the contents of his secret mixtures are discovered.


I could sense a presence of eggs, cream, milk, sugar and a touch of cornflour to acquire a stable consistency. Yes there are no bobbings on Mr. Swiss. He knows what he is doing. I hear him returning to the kitchen and so I must leave.

He removes the half baked apple flan from the oven and covers the apples with the liquid. With shaking hands he replaces the flan in the oven to finish the baking process. It is then that a call for assurance is made. He is observing the flan through the glass oven door and making a time inspection.

“What do you think” was his question. “Is it ready, is it finished, can I risk stopping the baking process?”

I told him to open the oven door, switch the oven off and remove it, telling him that it was a risky undertaking with only one oven glove, as it would be better to remove it from the oven with both hands. This was a nervous moment in time, but with his full confidence he lifted the baked flan on the baking tray with one hand and it arrived safely on the kitchen surface. He wiped the sweat from his brow and relaxed. Another apple flan successfully produced from the hands of an expert. He adds the finishing touches to the flan: a sprinkling of sugar, a small packet of vanilla sugar and a pinch of cinammon for the final gourmet flavours – what could be better.

Apple Flan

Who needs to bob apples when you have a Mr. Swiss – and a flan is easier to eat that trying to take a bite of an apple swimming in liquid.

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Bobbing for Apples

9 thoughts on “JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Bobbing for Apples

  1. That looks so delicious. My two favorite “pies” in one — apple plus custard. Yum.

    I can’t life anything with one hand, but Garry can. I had to switch to lighter cookware because I couldn’t deal with the heavy iron pots anymore. Even Garry was beginning to complain, so now, everything is stainless steel and Teflon rules!

    That really does look awfully good.

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    • I only have teflon and stainless steel. They keep clean and if they have served their purpose you can easily replace them. Actually we call this Apfelkuchen and the Swiss make them in all variations. The apple one is the most common, but it is according to the season. We make them with apricots, plums, rhubarb or various berries.


  2. i love the writing of this. But then the pictures. This looks delicious.. is all I can say. Another wonderful looking apple flan. (which I never heard of before your blog)

    Liked by 1 person

    • We call it Apfelkuchen. It is a Swiss national way of desert. You can also top it up with whipped cream. It is a sort of loose custom to serve it on Friday. Another version is made with cheese, which we also like very much.

      Liked by 1 person

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