11 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Curtain

  1. I loved walking around our community when in Holland because they had short, lacy curtains that only hung down a bit from the top of the window; for decoration only, not to keep you out, so you could wave to them and they would wave hello back. Very friendly.

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    • I am not a curtain person and only have curtains on the bedroom windows. On the other side, the kitchen and living room, there are no curtains. The modern built houses have large windows today and it is a shame to cover them with curtains. On our estate there are few appartments with curtains, altmost none.

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  2. When they changed the windows the workmen had to take down the blinds (bedroom curtains are on poles and could be moved out of the way), and somehow the kitchen ones have disappeared. That room is at the front of the house and is overlooked by homes opposite although we have a jungle separating the front lawn and brick parking space so people walking by are screened from me at work in the kitchen. I will probably get used to it, but at first it was a bit odd not being able to close out the night.

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    • I like my kitchen windows to be open without curtains. Kitchen curtains seemed to be permanently in the washing machine when I had them. We have fitted metal blinds on all the windows that we close at night.

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      • I discovered the workmen put the kitchen blinds up on the top of the cabinets – way above my head, and even my tall PA’s, and our neighbour has borrowed the ladder. So they must wait there for a bit.


  3. Definitely my windows need cleaning! They are on the second floor and no one can get to them. They get rinsed of during the annual “power wash” of the house, but otherwise? I think of the dirt as sunglasses for my windows. But curtains will do 🙂

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    • I am quite a habitual window cleaner. I have two sides to the appartment and alternate weekly. This week it was the bedroom side, next week the living room side and I do the frames at the same time, but I have a good system and do not need more than about 30-40 minutes weekly.


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    • To be quite honest, I don’t know, because we have good strong built in blinds to make the room dark enough for sleeping. I am not a curtain fan, but Mr. Swiss found a few curtains would be OK in a couple of the rooms. Otherwise I have none. It is not really to keep the others out, because no-one really looks in in any case. I want to look out into my garden.

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      • True, if there’s no one to keep from looking in, then it would be awfully nice to be able to easily look out, especially if you have a beautiful garden. We live in apartments, so you know neighbors can be nosy sometimes.


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