Daily Prompt: Flattery by like


Flattery is not really in my vocabulary. Of course if I really see something that looks good and pleases me I say so, but I do not just say so without really meaning it.

Imagine it is your funeral and no-one turns up. Now that would not be very flattering, altnough it would definitely not bother you personally, because you would not realise that the graveside was empty. Perhaps they reserved the wrong date for the funeral. Perhaps the relevant mourners had a more interesting funeral to attend, or pehaps they just forgot. On the other hand a crowded cemetery is always a bit suspicious. Were they glad to see him/her go. Let’s have a party afterwards to celebrate. There are many aspects of flattery.

I had a quick look at a blog I cross posted into Facebook this morning. Nothing special, just a daily “Good Morning” blog. They have become so daily that they are nothing special. I enjoy writing them and that is the main thing. Of course I am happy that they are read, another example of the funeral where no-one turns up.

We get likes in Facebook if what we write is actually read and appreciated. Perhaps they are not read, but a like is made – it is only a click away from a hands up. As you can see this particular WordPress blog in Facebook got no likes, but it reached 8 people. I do not know who the 8 people are, but considering I have more than 700 people as so-called “friends” in Facebook, it is a poor show. I dread to think of the crowd at my funeral. However, Facebook tells me I can increase my likes, comments and shares for a mere Fr.5 (meaning Swiss Francs). This is not a lot of money, and it would reach up to 1,100 people, 100 more than a thousand – great. Does this mean that if someone pays my chosen funeral parlour Fr. 5.00 I will get 1,100 people arriving to see me off. It is worth thinking about, funeral of the year. I believe Facebook are good at organising gatherings. You only need to make a posting and soon you have a few hundred people getting inquisitive and you have the funeral of the year.

Of course there are also likes in WordPress, but this is a different kettle of fish. They are people you have got to know over the years, followers who live far away, who also blog and who you also visit and perhaps like or not. They will not be at your funeral, and probably will not even realise you are no longer here, unless someone writes about it, or they notice that your site is neglected with no fresh postings.

Somehow I do not think the idea of flattery was what I have written, but I am in one of my happy go lucky moods today. I just cleaned the doors and removed the sunbeds to their place of rest for the Winter days and probably got a bit nostalgic. And just to mention, no, I will not pay Facebook the 5 Swiss francs for 1,100 more likes, it is not important and I can live without them. I once saw how it is done. There are a about 20-30 people siting in a room somewhere in another country (China, Formosa, Korea – I don’t know) and they are paid to click likes and so you get your 1,100 likes. I am sure they are not earning as much as you are paying.

And something else.  If this blog does not appear, it does not mean that I am no longer in this world. I keep getting messages from the WordPress powers that my blog is not being saved which is not very flattering.

Flattery by Like

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Flattery by like

  1. Your idea of some people in another country sitting around clicking a lot of likes, is probably close to the truth! Made me smile, anyway. Well, I’m in another country from you, but as far as I know there is only one of me, and I can’t ‘like’ more than once on here. 🙂

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    • It is the truth, I saw it on the TV on a documentary programme. If you suddently get hundreds of likes it is not because you have paid, it is because other people are paid to do it.

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      • I believe it! So, we pay those people’s paychecks, and they ‘like’ our posts? Interesting, but I’d never pay for more likes or followers or anything like that. …p.s. I’m glad you are enjoying your new camera lens. I sure do love seeing all the photos you take! 🙂


    • Naturally not all likes are bought. We have some good friends who actually read what we write and make a like which is very much appreicated. Like most things in life, if you have enough money to spare, you can always buy what you want, but bought likes are no recommendation.


  2. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about who will be at my funeral. The only person who has to be there … is me.

    I have more than 10,000 followers. I never hear from 9,950 of them. Maybe they follow me, but don’t like me?

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    • One worry less in life (or …… OK, forget it). At the moment I am up to about 5000 followers. I usually have a regular little group, lovely people like you, that pass a comment or a like regularly. I also find we can learn a lot from each other.


  3. I’ve not noticed that on Facebook here (although I will be looking out for it now) but I certainly won’t be giving Facebook any of my money. I imagine if people have opted to have more ads on their pages to generate income they might consider paying for the slave labour you describe.

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