JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Corn Maze/Hay Ride


The only hay rides we have in our area are for the cows in Summer. When the fresh grass is eaten, there is always a dessert of hay. Our cows are never hungry.

“Moo, of course not, we are Swiss cows, the best cows and the most beautiful. Have no time for a conversation about the advantages of hay. It tastes good and am busy having a chew.”

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Corn Maze/Hay Ride

8 thoughts on “JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Corn Maze/Hay Ride

  1. I’ve been marveling about how clean your Swiss cows seem to be. At least the ones you’ve posted pictures of look like they take showers every morning. 🙂
    Most dairy cows here are left outside to get muddy and dirty with never a bath, though they get an udder wash-up before milking. And of course beef cows have to fend for themselves totally, outdoors in all weathers.

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    • I am not exactly sure how it is done here, but all cows seem to have barns where they can stay in bad weather. In Summer they are usually out all night. In Winter you rarely see them on the meadows. A friend of mine is a farmer’s wife and I have visited her cow sheds often. They are very clean and well organised.


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