Daily Prompt: I just agree to disagree

Feldbrunnen to Bettlach 02.10 (2)

This is an argument. When two clouds meet and do not agree on the shade of black, one wanting to intimidate the other cloud by proving his blackness is better and more intense than the other blackness. They might fight it out together, the result will probably be rain, even thunder, but eventually it stops: the sun shines and it is all forgotten. Either the clouds have dispersed, disappeared, or drifted off.

I do not do arguments, although of course I have my own opinion, but what is the point. If you agree to everything, life becomes boring. There are ways to agree. I got rather engaged in the fact that “The Girl on a Train”, a successful novel by British author Paula Hawkins, has now been filmed. I read the film wil be appearing in the cinema at the end of October. It seems the scene has now been shifted to a train going through the suburbs of New York, no longer London. This disappointed me as I liked the book, brought back some old memories of travelling on London trains seeing the back gardens of lookalike houses on the outskirts of London. I also found it involved a good storyline.

It seems this new spectalcular film is produced by a the Universal Company, Dreamworks, which tells it all. We have a new Hollywood type event and probably nothing in the idea of the original book. And now to the argument.

Mr. Swiss tells me yesterday he has recorded the film already and I said it is not possible, because it is only available in October. He said the film was already out in 2013  “The Girl on the Train” and had uploaded it onto a DVD which he began to play back yesterday evening. It was entirely different to the book I read. He also read the book according to my recommendation and found they must have changed the story. Did we argue – no. I did not bother. After 5 minutes of watching this 2013 film he switched it off as he found it rubbish and had nothing to do with the book by Paula Hawkins, whether shot in London or New York. I said nothing and 5 minutes later he confirmed that this was a completely different film and nothing to do with the new film. I just happened to have the same title.This was a disagreement, so we parted the best of friends and am now looking forward to the new film which is not yet available, at least not in Switzerland.

Our arguments are never about anything more than a film. Perhaps we have different views on politics, but generally because it does not interest me and he understands it better than I do. I know we had a discussion this morning and I would like to repeat it here, but the problem is that I have already forgotten what it was about and if I asked him I know he would not remember either.

So unimportant/important are arguments, forgotten after a short time.  I sometimes wonder if the Queen of Englnd and the Duke of Edinburgh have arguments.

“I think your looked silly in that red tiara yesteray, it did not match your mink.”

“And stop chasing after the new lady in waiting, you are really too old now for that sort of thing.”

Who knows, we all have our problems.

Daily Prompt: I just agree to disagree

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I just agree to disagree

  1. The Girl on the Train is already at the flicks here in Blighty, I haven’t seen it yet though. I may try and persuade Sian or Kerry to join me for it. The trailer certainly looks intriguing.

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  2. Garry and I rarely argue, though we sometimes fight (not the same thing). Fighting is usually someone in a bad mood needing to blow off steam and who else do we have with whom blowing off steam is safe? Otherwise, we discuss. There isn’t all that much to argue about anymore. I think we settled everything at least 10 years ago 🙂

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    • I think the grumpy moods belong to a person. We also discuss, actually in one language, but sometimes I understand it in another language. We get there eventually.


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