JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Candy


“What’s that?”

“You said I should get some candy if anyone calls past, something about trick or treat?”

“No, not like that. It should be in the shape of eyeballs, ghosts or vampire teeth and certainly not in a shopping basket lookalike. You have to put it in a coffin or a pumpkin at least.”

“Sounds very morbid to me.”

“But that’s the way they do it in the States, I saw it in a film called Halloween where the little boy killed his sister with a knife because she did not have any treats.”

“We don’t do halloween in Switzerland and we don’t kill family members either. You said get some sweets and I did. I found they looked very pretty in that miniature shopping trolley.”

“Halloween is not pretty, it’s blood and body parts and severed fingers. There’s is a knock at the door. I am sure it is someone calling for a trick or treat and we have no real treats.”

“Then they will have to do a trick.”

“You open the door.”

“OK, no problem, who’s afraid of a few kids.”

“Mum why are you screaming.”

“That halloween guy – he is holding a head in his hand and a knife covered in blood in the other.”

“All part of the fun mum, I told you it is better to have enough candy. They are doing reality tricks this year.”

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Candy

14 thoughts on “JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Candy

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    • Sometimes you get halloween dress parties, but very rarely. Of course we know all about it in Europe, but the Swiss have no great interest in celebrating. It is mainly the catholic areas that celebrate All Souls Day on 1st November when we even have a local holiday.

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      • I’ll admit, once you get past the trick or treat age here in the US there’s much less to celebrate. However some people do throw parties and there are haunted houses to attend. I like that it allows for a celebration of the spooky.


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