Daily Prompt: Everything I do is daring

Writing this blog today is daring, because I really do not know where to go with it, yes, honestly. I do not even know what photo to use. I must have something daring somewhere.


Even the view on my desk is not so inspiring. The computer that does not seem to know in which direction to go and a camera which is ready for a shot, but there is nothing to shoot at the moment. It is a windy day today, and I am not daring to go out with the camera as it is too cold.

Mr. Swiss baked an apple flan yesterday, as I already mentioned on my Good Morning blog today and I just ate the last piece. This was daring in itself, as I have had a few digestive problems lately. However, looking on the bright side I have lost about 5 Kilo in weight over the last month, which means my body is no longer as pear shaped as it was, and a waist line is again making itself noticed.

Wooden floorWe have eiher wooden flooring in our appartment or tiles, and floor heating which is very comfortable in Winter. A few weeks ago we noticed that a small part of our wooden floor in our office/spare room made a cracking noise when walking over it. This means that some of the wooden boards had decided to lose contact with the ground below. If you leave this state of affairs it will get worst with the result that you will probably have to have the floor completely renewed. We contacted the business that originally did our floor when we bought the appartment and was told that the material in the exact colour would now be difficult to find, but he would see what could be done. He would have to replace some wood and the esttimate was not cheap. We told him to make an offer and we would examine the situation. We were not very happy, as we found he was not really attaching any importnce to our trade Anyhow since we have heard nothing more. Either he forgot us or is not interested. In the meanwhile we had another company that laid our wooden floor in our hobby room last year. Today the guy came and had a look. He was even working in our appartment house fitting a new wooden floor in one of the appartments that will eventually be rented out.

He examined our problem and said that during the summer months this often happns due to the increasing temperatures. We told him that in the past week it had got better, and we hardly notice the problem. This is probably because our floor heating is now operating. He had a better solution. As he is working in our house at the moment, he said he will fix it next week. Just some glue will do the trick and explained how. Sometimes it is better to get a second opinion and cheaper.

In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss noticed that one of our chairs outside was missing as the wind had shifted it to the edge of the garden. Oh, the excitement of a missing chair.

So that will do, it is really a boring afternoon with nothing to report from the Swiss central. Nothing is happening and I really no longer lead a daring life. Oh, this evening I have to inject my medicine again, that will be quite daring, particularly as it will be in a body part that I do not usually see, but have to feel my was there – or perhaps use a mirror.

You really do not have to like this one, I do not even like it myself.

Daily Prompt: Everything I do is daring

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Everything I do is daring

  1. It’s pretty boring here, too, but I am not complaining after two weeks of godnose what and where and how going on, the stomach flu, essays to write, houseguests that became complicated, no sleep…I’m good with boring at the moment.

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    • I was just out of stuff to write today, nothing happening, probably everything too much under control. I need some excitement, although this evening my online photo programme was striking and it took me 2 hours to do two blogs, just because of the photos.

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  2. Your top picture of the camera and computer is like “portrait of a blogger.” It could be any of us and it certainly reminded me of … me.

    A lot of contractors don’t like repair jobs. They are not profiitable. Fortunately, there’s always someone who will do the work. The trick is to find them 🙂

    5 kilos is great. Congratulations. My biggest feat has been not gaining any weight over the past three years.

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    • I just like space on my desk. When I am finished the put the computer away on its shelf. This contractor even told us that there is no real profit more to be earned on such repair jobs. They was why the first guy talked about replacing floorboards to get more money out of it. This one said he will fit it in as he is in the house in any case at the moment. I do not mind losing weight, but hope it stops. The doc checked and I have no infection, I just have this irritable bowel syndrome which is not fun as you have to be careful of everything you are eating.


  3. I adore how you took everyday life and just put it onto the screen . you did not try to make it something extremely riveting and somehow that made it very simple and enjoyable to read. Refreshing!

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  4. haha i love your post, and your picture with the camera and having nothing to shoot. I can really relate to that.
    Writing a post that puts you in a uncomfortable spot, not being riveting or exciting, can be daring.
    I have had this thing where I am trying when i go out to not put up too false excitement, and just be me, and that is very scary too. I am starting to realize that i can maybe just be myself. Well i am starting to. I don’t think I am quite that brave yet myself.

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