JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Spooky

The Swiss Witch Project
(Photo of main road from Feldbrunnen to Solothurn, Switzerland – photoshopped by me).

There are times when I have to go somewhere else. They tell me I should stay where I am. They say that I will frighten people and no longer belong to them. I am different now, but I still feel the same. There is an advantage of being undead, you no longer feel hungry. You do not have to visit the supermarkets and buy food.  OK, now and again I take a trip to the local blood bank if I feel thirsty. On the other hand people run away from you if they see you. During the day it would be OK, but the light hurts my eyes, so I roam the streets at night. I do try to be friendly and give people a nice friendly smile, but this seems to be the reason why they do not like me. My teeth are somehow different. I can feel the corner teeth overlapping my bottom lip, especially on a full moon night. People run and scream, which is the reason why I go to the blood bank, I am not as fast as I used to be. I can fly of course, but can only enter the house if they invite me and no-one invites me. And I really only want to be friendly.

If only I could see how I look, but that is another problem. I no longer  have a reflection in the mirror.

“What did you say Drac? I should stop talking and it is time to go home, the sun will rise in half an hour. OK I am on my way, but can I have the coffin on the right today, I sleep better on the righthand side. I get a stiff neck if I lay on the left. Oh, you said it was because it was on that side that you bit me and it has not yet healed, just a few more days and I will feel as right as blood. Thanks Drac, you are a real pal.”

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Spooky

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